NFT REVIEW NEWS First Ever Metaverse Concert Arena Launches in The Sandbox –

JJ Lane, star of The Bachelor, and more importantly, the founder of leading NFT music platform ‘Tools of Rock’ (TOR) has launched the first ever dedicated concert venue in the metaverse. The venue resides in the ever popular landscape of The Sandbox, and will offer musicians a reliable, low-cost, and novel alternative to the touring industry which wasn’t possible throughout the pandemic. 

After having discussions with multiple digital design studios, TOR decided to appoint Smobler Studios as their partners in the digital venue’s construction, with the collaboration opening the gates to the specialised virtual space on February 21st. 

In wake of its launching, the action-packed, festival-like arena will be a medium for artists and bands to solidify their presence in the metaverse, which, through pioneering efforts from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Nas, has proved itself as a reputable avenue for achieving musical acclaim. 

In addition, and with aid of the venue’s immersive ‘green room-esque’ features, the new piece of digital real estate hopes to attract musicians and performers who are yet to interact with the Web3 realm.

JJ Lane has since spoken on his company’s new collaborative creation, as well as the value it will bring to both artists and fans: “What we have seen in the last two years with COVID-19 is that tour revenue, once a staple for artists, is not certain any longer…But the TOR concert venue will never close! A venue that’s open globally, 24/7/365, has minimal overhead, and allows the fan unparalleled access to their favorite artists is what will make the Metaverse so powerful for all participants”.

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