NFT REVIEW NEWS Diving into the Chainers Play-to-Earn NFT Metaverse

Something beautiful, pixelated and technicolour is brewing over on the Solana network. Anarchic non-fungibles, the Chainers, will soon make their grand debut on the blockchain. Bringing with them, a world of free-to-play browser-based gaming designed to be accessible by everyone alive.

Those willing to take a journey down the rabbit hole will discover a vibrant metaverse of NFT mini-games, NFT collectorship and play-to-earn mayhem. All supported by a rich social element and a self-sufficient DAO-based development system.

Chainers NFTs – the Lowdown

The formidable realm of the Chainers will see 111,111 alien NFT avatars head to planet earth. The result of a daring escape from their own utopian homeland, as they seek freedom from the far reaching control of their benevolent and despotic dictatorship. On arrival, forging a brand-new habitat within the energy efficient folds of the Solana blockchain.

Each NFT in the collection will provide bags of utility within the Chainers ecosystem and enable gated access to a partnered Chainers application, which will release gradually following the initial NFT sale. As a result, holders will receive early game access and participation rights to the initial coin offering, in addition to giving holders the added facility of participating in project governance.

At its core, the NFT will also represent a fully playable character within the project’s forthcoming metaverse, wherein they can participate in a series of amazing activities to earn fabulous prizes. Through this dose of healthy rivalry, owners can then upgrade their in-game NFTs to eventually become all-powerful demi-gods in the Chainers arena.

Chainers NFTs will arrive on the blockchain in a two-stage drop. First up, whitelist members will receive priority minting as well as a 50% discount. Then, a public sale will distribute whatever the early birds left behind. In both cases, beginning with a blind drop, with designs and scarcity levels revealed shortly afterwards, all from a huge pool of 15 unique races, featuring well over 500 incredible character traits.

Those with a keen eye can join the whitelist via a series of challenges and activities located within the project socials and on the official website.

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Chainers Benchmark Accessible Metaverse Gameplay

Free-to-Play Magnificence

If the prospect of blockchain-based activities seems a little daunting however, those of a more cautious and curious persuasion can still participate in the mighty scheme of things. There is also a 100% free-to-play mode, where a limited pool of prizes will await the most successful members to test their mettle on the Chainers battleground.

Diving into the Chainers Play-to-Earn NFT Metaverse

Following the initial NFT launch, Chainers will speed ahead with their own custom metaverse. Inside, fans will find a series of incredible mini-games, social experiences and a hugely explorable ecosystem. Furthermore, in the spirit of fair play, all metaverse interactions will occur at browser level, and will not require a connected wallet.

From the offset, players face a ‘blank slate’ space within the metaverse, which they must then develop in any way they see fit. So, using the impressive suite of tools at hand, they can forge their own bespoke world in the virtual realm. By building and designing a brand-new self-envisioned utopia for the Chainers to reside, they will earn extra rewards based on the number of visitors received, while also including the facility to rent out land parcels for creative types to build their own mini experiences.

The Road Ahead

Currently, the dedicated Chainers team is preparing for its initial NFT launch. Following which, it will enable the DAO governance system for NFT holders to vote on the future of the platform. Afterwards, it will bring the first iteration of the metaverse into the fold by launching with five fully-playable mini games, while additionally revealing its first partnership with an established NFT collection.

What comes next will remain at the mercy of the Chainers DAO as they vote on the next direction for the project. So, if they should choose to release a herd of genetically engineered T-Rex at the Super Bowl, then so be it, the gods will have spoken.

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