NFT REVIEW NEWS Cool Cats to Fly High as First Ever NFT Brand at Macy’s Parade

Cool Cats is gearing up to make a lasting impression at the 97th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Earning a place in the annals in history, the NFT brand is the first of its kind to physically grace this renowned holiday extravaganza on November 23 in the heart of New York City.

The Web3 project seized the golden opportunity to spotlight itself at the world-famous parade via an online competition led by the retailer giant. Macy’s granted only one out of five NFT brands to showcase at the event, with other finalists keen on gaining mainstream recognition through the event being Boss Beauties, VeeFriends, SupDucks and gmoney.

With Cool Cats winning the top spot, fans, event attendees, and passers-by can eagerly anticipate its mascot, Blue Cat, and cherished buddy, Chugs the Milk Carton, soon flying over the streets of NYC, unmissably featured on a sizeable, vibrant helium balloon.

Cool Cats’ Evolution from NFTs to Retail

Parade ready, Cool Cats has other exciting initiatives in the pipeline. The team behind the project, Cool Cats Group, is meticulously curating an assortment of exclusive goodies, shortly available for purchase at 11 select Macy’s stores and its online retail store, The merchandise line includes plush and vinyl collectibles of Blue Cat, and a limited-edition Cool Cats hoodie exclusively available at Macy’s Herald Square. Accompanying digital activation features, all products have the wow factor. 

Since debuting in 2021, Cool Cats has notably transformed from the NFT sphere into mainstream prominence through retail ventures. Earlier this summer, it was one of the first Web3-driven projects to host a booth at the Comic-Con international convention, selling branded plushes, Ledger Nanos, hats, aprons and more.

Now, Macy’s annual festival is ready to witness history in the making as Cool Cats continues redefining what NFT artwork can genuinely achieve — a famed first-time celebration not to be missed. For those not lucky enough to hit up NYC for this intriguing event, the parade will stream on Peacock and air in the U.S. on NBC on the day of the event, from 9 am to noon (in all time zones). 

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