NFT REVIEW NEWS Clubhouse Archives – An Innovative Blockchain-Born Clothing Line

Blockchain-born and luxury Web3 clothing line brand, Clubhouse Archives, is celebrating the launch of its marketplace with the release of membership-focused Genesis NFTs.

As a fashion-inspired marketplace, its team will be working alongside an array of recognized brands, companies, Web3 campaigns, and more, to help to strategize, design, produce, and launch physical bespoke luxury goods that come alongside the release of NFTs. Here, only holders of its Genesis membership NFTs will have first access to these phygital (physical + digital) pieces.

Genesis NFTs

There will be a total of 1,880 Clubhouse Archives Genesis NFTs, and each one will serve as a lifetime membership as well proof of being a ‘founding member’ of the brand and marketplace. 

They are infused with utilities which provide holders with governance power and access to drops and events, whilst also being embedded with eligibility to receive secondary sale shares and royalties from future Clubhouse Archives NFT drops. A free garment as a welcome gift will also come with them. 

The Genesis NFTs will have a utility feature called ‘GarMint,’ which will allow holders to collaborate on the design of an NFT with Clubhouse Archive using an NFT from their own NFT collection. From here, the holder then has the option to sell their new NFTs in the Clubhouse Archives store, create the physical garments, and receive a split on its sales and royalties. 

As future Clubhouse NFT collections will be based on curated pieces of luxury digital fashion that come with physical counterparts, Genesis NFT holders will also have voting rights on how these products are developed. 

The Genesis mint begins on July 13th at 9AM ET.  Each of the 1,880 NFTs can be picked up in ETH for a price equivalent to $600.

Future Clubhouse Archives NFTs 

Each future Clubhouse Archives collection will feature digital, metaverse avatar-compatible, and 3D apparel that comes with a luxury, Italian-made physical counterpart. The collections will be voted upon by members before being created by designers, meaning members will have full control over what physical garments they will receive. 

After the mint of its Genesis collection, members will leverage their governance powers to vote on the first men’s and women’s garments, as well as all following seasonal apparel drops which will happen twice a year. The first NFT fashion line from the project is said to have a combined focus on luxury golf sportswear and counterculture luxury streetwear. 

These NFTs will drop on the Clubhouse Archives NFT marketplace, which can only be accessed by Genesis NFT holders.

The Creative Team

The Clubhouse Archives (doxxed) veteran leadership team is spearheaded by James Costa, who has 21-years of apparel design experience. It also includes COO Steven Matoskey who brings 10 years of experience in operations and organizational planning, Marty Hackel, the former Fashion Director of Golf Digest, Jaron Ross, the former men’s buyer at Bergdorf Goodman, Greg Mike, a visual artist and NFT creator, Matthew Klein, the co-founder of Sweater Ventures; and, Rob Bass, a 3D designer with a wealth of experience. 

To ensure optimal curation when it comes to the production of its physical counterparts, the project has a top-tier group of advisors called ‘The Key Society,’ which includes illustrious Web3 natives, Hollywood actors, professional athletes, and of course, fashion experts.

Visit Clubhouse Archives >> Website

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