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One of the highlights of the year for us NFT lovers is coming up in just a few days – NFT NYC! Unfortunately, last year the NFT Plazas team couldn’t attend due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. However, this year we are over the moon and thrilled to announce that some of us will be there!

We have many more NFT events coming up this year, and this will be the third live event we’re attending in 2022 so far. Each one has been an absolute blast so far, and we’re delighted to meet more of the NFT crowd and our community members in person.

On the Agenda

If you’d like to catch up with our team or set up an interview, look out for our team members wearing NFT Plazas-branded gear at the kick off event in Times Square on June 21st. We’ll also be attending some of the side events such as Cyberbrokers, dGen Network, Mint Block Party, Ben Mezrich, LVCIDIA x Steve Aoki, and more. In short, we’ll be all over the place!

What’s Happening at NFT NYC

This is the fourth annual NFT NYC event, taking place between June 20th and June 23rd, 2022. The event will feature over 1,500 speakers covering every aspect and segment in NFTs.

Some of the speakers on the line up include Adrian Baschuk from Ethernity Chain, Aisha Arif from MakersPlace, Alex Svanevik from Nansen, Anastasia Drinevskaya from CoinTelegraph, Danny Greene from MeebitsDAO, Harish Komaragiri from Meta, Jaiya Gill from Mirror, Maia Lepine from African Artists Coalition, Marco Marchesi from The Fabricant, and many more.

The program includes NFT talks on Sports, Brands, Film, Fashion, Music, NFTs for Good, Web Development, Investment, Gaming, DAOs, Art, Legalities, Ticketing, and the Future of NFTs. In addition to the official line up, there will also be two open stages for the new NFT NYC “Unconference”.

There were many applicants who wanted to give a presentation but did not make the cut, so the two open stages will give everyone a chance to speak. The Unconference works on a first-come, first-served to register basis, and session times will be published for each topic category. Speakers aren’t allowed to do product pitches or slide deck presentations, and speaking time is a maximum of ten minutes.

So, we hope to see you there NFT fam, and do come say hi to our team if you spot us around!

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