NFT REVIEW NEWS Bella Hadid Is Dropping NFTs, and Collectors Get to Meet Her

Today, activist and supermodel Bella Hadid is announcing her first NFT drop, CY-B3LLA. The project has been in the works for several months, and it will consist of ten series of 1,111 NFTs (for a total of 11,111).

In an email exchange with nft now, the team didn’t disclose the exact mint day but did state that there are multiple utilities tied to the NFTs. The most impressive? Collectors will get access to “real-life locations and events all around the world, where Bella can and will meet holders.”

The project will also allow holders to access digital experiences. For example, they will receive keys to “private Bella Hadid metaverse mansions” and experience exclusive legacy brand collaborations with Bella. No further details were made available about either the mansions or the brand collaborations; however, the team stated that additional information will be revealed in the next few weeks.

The drop heard ’round the world

For the drop, Bella is partnering with reBASE, a company that develops geo-based minting technologies. Bella and RE-B4S3 say that they decided to collaborate because of their shared values and ideologies. Both “wanted a partnership that wouldn’t feel like an endorsement but rather mutually involved parties that were both developing something that would have deeper meaning and more positively impact our world,” they said.

Following the mint, Bella and reBASE plan to drop NFTs in geo-fenced areas around the world. In order to unlock these airdrops, and claim the associated rewards and utilities, NFT holders will have to physically travel to the specific locations.

Traveling internationally just to claim a drop might seem strange to some. It comes at the expense of both time and money. However, the team noted that these locations are an integral component of the project. “The CY-B3LLA NFT will be the passport that grants admission into an initially intimate community whose goal is to unite human connections within a new global nation that is inspired by and celebrates multiple cultures,” they said.

To give the project legitimate cultural touchpoints, the NFTs for each region featured in the series were handcrafted by local artists. Additionally, the art attached to the NFT features a 3D scan of Bella’s body and incorporates elements that represent the ten different locations around the world.

Fortunately, there’s no need to travel for the initial drop, as the NFTs will be available for purchase through the official project site.

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