NFT REVIEW NEWS Azuki to Launch Artistic Brilliance with 20K ‘Elementals’ NFTs

Chiru Labs, the creative force behind pioneering blue-chip NFT collections, Azuki and Beanz, announced plans to debut a fresh batch of NFTs dubbed ‘Elementals’ on June 27.

Elementals comprise 20,000 anime-themed digital collectibles designed by the creative minds of Skycrow, Tenn, Timugi and Njoo. Said to be Chiru’s most “challenging artistic project to date”, the assets consist of four unique domains: Fire, Lightning, Earth and Water — all of which exhibit a unique and enticing element into the distinctive Azuki universe.

A presale for the Elemental NFT series will occur twenty minutes before the public sale. In contrast, Beanz holders can acquire such assets ten minutes before the general release, starting June 27 at 9.20 am (PT). Structured as a Dutch Auction beginning at 2 ETH, the price will decrease by 0.1 ETH every 5 minutes until all collectibles sell out. Once all Elementals are snatched up, a new phase will not open — so connect up before it’s too late! 

The Beauty of Azuki 

Since launching in January 2022, Azuki collectibles encompassing 10,000 unique assets has rapidly grown into one of the most successful NFT projects to date. Using a PFP mechanism, each asset has a unique character with a mixture of randomized traits, giving them the wow-factor. 

Following the success of the NFT project, with assets being sold up to $1.4 million alone, Azuki created its very own metaverse, ‘Hilumia’. All holders of the coveted collectibles can partake in numerous virtual activities, from showing off their skateboarding tricks to participating in community incentives and much more. 

Since the announcement of Azuki Elementals NFTs, the OG NFT project has seen a pivotal increase of 3% in trading sales volume. The floor price of Azuki skyrocketed from $28,110 on June 24 to $29,611 in just one day. At the time of writing, the collection stands at a steady $29,477. Beanz Official, on the flip side, peaked on June 24 at $2,561 before dropping to $2,391.

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