NFT REVIEW NEWS Azuki Announces Elementals Collection at Las Vegas Event

The next chapter of Azuki has officially arrived.

At last night’s highly-anticipated “Follow the Rabbit” event at Hakkasan Las Vegas, Azuki co-founder Zagabond announced the forthcoming Azuki Elementals collection in familiar fashion.

“Check your motherf***ing wallets,” he declared against a red backdrop in a video reminiscent of the one preceding the Beanz announcement, sending cheering attendees scrambling to follow suit.

Spanning four different “domains” and rarity tiers, Elementals is a sister collection of 20,000 NFTs that will be available for sale on June 27. All Azkui and Beanz holders will receive presale access at 9 am PT on that day.

All Azuki holders were airdropped an unrevealed and locked Elemental that will unlock for transfer following the sale. Additionally, all Azuki and Beanz holders were airdropped a Soulbound Token (SBT) called an Elemental Chip to memorialize the event.

Launched in January 2022, Azuki has overcome controversy to emerge as one of the most successful PFP projects in the NFT space. At the time of publication, the project’s floor price sits just above 15 ETH ($28,500).

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information comes in.

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