NFT REVIEW NEWS A Top-Tier NFT and 2.84 ETH Awaits the NFT World Cup Champion

Following the grand success of its maiden tournament, the NFT World Cup returns with added zeal, showcasing 32 superior NFT projects and opening its doors for WAX projects for the first time. So, watch out for August 27, and get ready for the action to commence!

The masterminds behind the Metaverse platform, Intraverse, are bringing these NFT avatars to life alongside the Metaverse Discord game, Aphelium. Each digital asset will morph into a gamified character to battle in numerous street-fighter games and join social activities. The winner of the games will be rewarded with a whopping $5230 worth of ETH and their favorite NFT! 

Battling in the NFT World Cup 2023

All NFT projects can be featured in the NFT World Cup providing they donate 0.3 ETH, with 0.25 ETH allocated to the prize pool and 0.05 ETH funding operational costs. As each round progresses, the prize pool will tactically go toward acquiring NFTs originating from the projects in line with their performances, to be distributed among the top-scoring players.

Conversely, all individuals interested can compete using these digital assets at no cost. To join the action, players must choose their one favorite avatar out of the thirty-two available and earn the NFTs points to win. The gamers battling with an NFT from the project they represent will have the privilege of an amplified final score.

Each round will roll out on alternating days of fighting and social activities. During the calm intervals, winning NFT projects and their communities can form alliances to strategize, create gaming guilds, and launch social media campaigns to boost their chances of success.

On top of the battles and communal activities, players can also enhance their tallies via the ‘Social Score System’, whereby gamers can accomplish extra missions to rack up more points.

Regardless of the first edition of the 1vs1 battles accumulating 200,000 game sessions, 9,500 tweets and 3,000 players, this forthcoming game is gearing up to break these stellar records. So, let the battles commence!

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