NFT REVIEW NEWS A Russian Woman Filmed Her Burning Passport to Make an NFT to Aid Ukraine

This week, nft now worked with Olive Allen, a Russian visual artist currently based out of New York City, to create a video of her burning her Russian passport. In an interview, Allen stated that she wanted to set fire to the document in front of the Russian Consulate to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

“I do not believe in Putin’s Russia. He failed the country and its people. I understand that the war is the Putin regime’s fight for self-preservation. It is a tragedy,” she said.

She continued, “burning my passport is an act of coming out and being open about my national identity despite the fears of being silenced as the unpopular Russian voice. It was a difficult decision to leave the country 11 years ago, but I chose to become a part of the larger world. I live knowing I have no place to come back to. Perhaps Metaverse will be the place I can call home.”

The video of the event will be turned into an NFT and auctioned off this Friday (Mar. 4) at 1pm ET via SuperRare. 100 percent of the funds raised from the auction will be sent to aid Ukrainians impacted by war.

Allen isn’t the only creator standing with Ukraine during these challenging times. Many members of the crypto and NFT communities are coming together to raise money and offer support for the country and its people. In fact, more than $52 million has been donated thus far. Projects like Allen’s will only add to that total, aiding the war-torn country.

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