NFT REVIEW NEWS 5 Female Powerhouses You Don’t Want to Miss at NFT LA

Cryptocurrency events are taking place in person again, triggering much excitement. The upcoming NFT LA Conference features a list of prominent speakers, and it is good to see a strong female representation. There is much to look forward to when this IRL conference merges with metaverse integration and LA’s nightlife. 

NFT LA Conference Preview

The NFT LA conference is designed to bring people to the City of Angels like never before. Combining a real-life conference attended by hundreds of people with immersive metaverse integrations and the renowned LA nightlife scene creates a very potent cocktail. Moreover, Los Angeles positions itself as a global conduit for Web3 adoption across multiple verticals, including sports, art, and entertainment. 

The conference consists of three crucial aspects:

  • NFTLA | IRL: The physical conference with high-level speakers, unforgettable performances, announcements, education, NFT galleries and auctions, and the typical LA vibe.
  • NFTLA | Night: The conference is good to pass the day, but networking and establishing new connections happen at night. Experience the Los Angeles nightlife like never before.
  • NFTLA | Meta: It is possible to experience NFTLA in the Metaverse for those who can’t attend in person. It will feature all speakers, nightlife DJs, and much more. 

While the NFT LA conference spans many renowned speakers – Steve Aoki, Mark Cuban, Neil Strauss, etc – it is great to have influential females also participate. In fact, there are many female speakers to look forward to. 

Carina Kom (MixMob Game Director & Producer) 

The presence of Carina Kom at NFT LA will be something to take note of. As a tenured game veteran across indie and AAA production, she has plenty of expertise to share with the audience. Moreover, she focuses on diversity and inclusivity in the gaming world, both for gaming and pitching game ideas alike. Carina is the Game Director & Producer of MixMob, a play-to-earn Solana-based game developed by professionals working previously on Halo, Battlefield, FIFA, Pokerstars, Nintendo, and other franchises. 

Natalia Modenova (DRESSX Founder)

Natalia has years of experience in the fashion industry. Her previous work experience spans working for Top10, the Mercedes-Benz Kyiv Fashion Days, Fashion Tech Summit, More Dash, and more recently, as a founder of DRESSX. As someone at the heart of the fashion industry, Natalia acknowledges the potential of NFTs and the Metaverse. Moreover, DRESSX illustrates how some clothes can exist only in digital versions, paving the way for new ideas and concepts.

Brittany Kaiser (Own Your Data CEO)

Brittany has a lot of valuable information and expertise to share on numerous topics with cryptocurrency implications. Eco-friendly mining, digital intelligence, and digital asset control are just some of the fields she is active in today. Moreover, Brittany worked for Cambridge Analytica and participates in projects tackling data ethics and privacy protocols. 

Avery Akkineni (VaynerNFT President) 

The NFT | LA crowd will want to pick the brain of Avery, the president of VaynerNFT. Her previous expertise working for Target, Google, DoubleClick, and VaynerMedia have provided numerous insights, ideas, and thoughts she is willing to share with the audience. Moreover, VaynerNFT partners the world’s top intellectual property owners with tools to develop NFT programs, making non-fungible tokens about much more than artwork. 

Shannon Kelley (Nifty’s CCO)

Shannon has seen and done it all, so to speak. Her expertise includes sales and business development, creative marketing, omni-media, launching new businesses, revenue outlets, and much more. Her previous work experiences include working nearly nine years for VICE Media, serving as the Chief Revenue Officer for NTWRK, and in the past year, working for Nifty’s. The platform supports eco-friendly NFTs from brands and creators, an important vertical for the broader non-fungible token industry. 

With dozens of speakers to look forward to during NFT LA, it is good to see a fairer gender representation in the NFT industry today. The speaker list of NFT LA confirms a good balance and the multi-level event approach – physical, nightlife, and in the metaverse – sends a strong industry signal. 

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