NFT REVIEW Monkey War Enables Whitelist Signups to Access Upcoming NFT Pre-sale

Monkey War, an up-and-coming NFT project, opens its whitelist process for the upcoming NFT presale. Users joining the whitelist can gain presale access and qualify for forthcoming airdrops.

Monkey War, a collection of 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens on the Solana blockchain, prepares to launch its presale. Everyone who owns a Monkey War NFT will gain access to a growing community of like-minded individuals engaged in entrepreneurship. Moreover, the NFTs will provide various benefits to be unlocked as the Monkey War team checks milestones on its roadmap.

Notable roadmap milestones include:

  • Making 9,000 Monkey War NFT available for minting at the price of 2 SOL each (1 SOL for whitelisted members)
  • Airdropping 1,000 unique Monkey War NFTs to the community (whitelisted members)
  • Give away 500 Oculus VR headsets, multiple 1 BTC giveaways, distributing a $100,000 prize pool, and Metaverse-based rewards.
  • Financing professional projects to enhance Monkey War NFT utility
  • Metaverse exploration and building, including the Monkey War avatar and purchase of land.
  • Releasing a game within the Metaverse exclusive to NFT holders, with GameFi functionality.
  • And much more!

One crucial aspect of Monkey War is how there is a 3% commission to be paid to the community. These royalties come from secondary market sales and are distributed to NFT owners every two months. The commission will be used to finance professional projects from the Monkey War community.

The Monkey War NFT collection draws inspiration from the world’s leaders and their worst flaws. Traits may be taken from leaders like Joe Biden, Kim Jung-Un, Emmanuel Macron, Geert Wilders, etc. The collection has 51 unique traits, including different backgrounds, characters, head accessories, and outfits.

Users interested in joining the presale can apply for whitelist access through the project’s website. Getting whitelisted will enable presale participation and qualifies users for future airdrops. Moreover, whitelisted users are able to mint an NFT for free. although spaces are limited. Only 500 users can access this exclusive discount. 

Participants who mint a Monkey War NFT can do so through the Sollet or Phantom Wallet. All minting occurs through the Monkey War website, starting on April 22, 2022. After that, the NFTs will trade on Solanart, with more marketplace listings to follow.

A KYC system is in place for users who want to mint a Monkey War NFT.

About Monkey War

Monkey War is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs living on the Solana blockchain.

Owning a Monkey War NFT brings you to a community engaged in entrepreneurship and offers various benefits that will be unlocked depending on the project roadmap.

Our mission is to build a community of entrepreneurs ready to change the rules and move into the future through web 3.0.

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[email protected]

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