NFT REVIEW METAVERSE Visa is Latest Multinational to File Metaverse Trademarks

Metaverse trademark filings just keep on coming into the US Patent and Trademark Office, this time from the Visa Credit card company. The filing dated 22nd of October encompasses many of the same trademarks as this week’s earlier metaverse filings by PayPal and Western Union.

This is not Visa’s first foray into Web3 technology as they recently announced their first ever Web3 Loyalty program with ShopNEXT. It shows further commitment by large Fintech companies to a future metaverse.

Visa Metaverse trademarks

According to Mike Kondoudis in a recent tweet, the company made two filings. The company includes in its filings:

  • Software for auditing digital, virtual, and cryptocurrencies
  • Software for managing digital assets via a digital wallet, including verifying digital transactions and storage of NFTs
  • To establish virtual environments where users can connect for entertainment or leisure in a virtual world.


Visa is another Fintech company preparing for a future metaverse where people spend a lot of their time in virtual worlds, spending virtual currencies and collecting digital goods. Always stay abreast of all the latest from the Metaverse at NFT News Today. You can read about Mastercard onboarding 2.9 billion into Web3 and NFTs.

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