NFT REVIEW METAVERSE NFT Emotes are Coming to Decentraland—Get the First Ones at MVFW!

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The first NFT emotes to be released into the wild will be given away for free, first come, first serve, at a special statue in the new Luxury District.

To claim an NFT emote you must spam the ‘Money’ emote in front of the statue until the progress bar at the bottom of the the statue reaches full, after which one of three different fashion-related NFT emotes will show up in your emote backpack (while supplies last, at a limit of one per person).

How to get your MVFW NFT emote:

The three different NFT emotes have different levels of rarity and will be tradable on the Marketplace, so find the statue and try your luck to see what you’ll get!

This is just an introduction to NFT emotes in Decentraland. In the future there will be many more, and ultimately, Creators will even be able to design their own. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when the possibility becomes available.

Just in time for the addition of more emotes to your Decentraland experience, we’ve also updated the emote UI! Now you can prioritize your emotes, and assign numbers to them so you can use your favorite emotes more easily and quickly. This will give you the edge you were looking for in your next dance battle!

Check out this video to see the new Emote UI in action:

Control your avatar like never before with a customizable emote window!

  • Press B to open the emotes UI, then E to open the emote customization window
  • Put your favorite emotes in slots 0-9, then select ‘Done’
  • To make your avatar do an emote, press and hold B and the number key of the emote you would like to use. Violà!

Good luck snagging a special Fashion Week NFT Emote—you’re gonna need it on the catwalk!

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