NFT REVIEW METAVERSE Mandala Metaverse Launches Cryptonauts NFT Collection on Astar and Polkadot

Mandala Metaverse, an innovative cross-chain and cross-media franchise, has announced the launch of its Cryptonauts NFT collection on Astar and Polkadot networks. Featuring 10,000 unique NFTs crafted by renowned concept artist and illustrator Bruce Zick (Pixar, Disney, Marvel, Dark Horse). The collection launches on April 28th.

A New Frontier in Gaming

Mandala Metaverse is a cross-platform game and interoperable metaverse powered by SingularityNet’s decentralized AGI and compatible with SingularityNet’s Sophiaverse.

Set in a world where players can delve into various mythologies and cultures, the game offers an array of gameplay modes, including an MMORPG, a location-based AR mobile game, and a television series.

The Cryptonauts NFT collection will allow players to personalize their avatars and unlock exclusive content and rewards within the game.

Mandala Metaverse

Embracing Web3 Technology

Jon Shanker, CEO at Mandala, stated, “Polkadot, the multichain ecosystem for Web3 adoption, has attracted Mandala Metaverse to its shores, where we will continue to build our cross-chain metaverse. Mandala and Polkadot have a shared vision for decentralization and cutting-edge interoperability. By joining Polkadot’s burgeoning ecosystem, we’re able to take advantage of the best-in-class secure interoperability the network offers.”

Executive Producer Kevin J Foxe added, “Polkadot, with real future web applications such as nesting, innovative ways to use NFT assets, and the overall cooperative and collaborative flow, opens up our imagination for gaming and the mass adoption of blockchain capabilities. We are now able to do things we didn’t think possible.”

Access to Parachains

The new partnership grants Mandala access to numerous Polkadot parachains, independent blockchains connected to the Relay Chain. Due to Polkadot’s superior interoperability, these parachains offer enhanced security, scalability, and collaboration with other projects.

Mandala has chosen several parachain partners to establish a Web3 “rebel alliance,” which will assist in securely navigating the cross-chain landscape.

Astar Network: Provides infrastructure for NFTs created using EVM and WASM smart contracts. Astar’s innovative Build2Earn approach enables developers to earn income via a dApp staking mechanism for the code they create and the dApps they develop.

Unique Network: An NFT-focused blockchain that enables sponsored transactions, combines fungible and non-fungible tokens and allows NFTs to be divided into fungible tokens for shared ownership.

Talisman: A multichain wallet designed for Web3 users

Maarten Henskens, the leader of the Astar Foundation, states: “The Mandala launch combines entertainment and blockchain innovation to showcase Astar Network’s potential. The team has created an immersive experience for collectors and aims to engage new users and explore NFT interoperability. It’s exciting to see blockchain and NFT adoption in entertainment and beyond.”

Furthermore, Omar Elassar, who leads Ecosystem Growth & Business Development at Parity Technologies, a major contributor to the Polkadot network, remarked: “Innovative projects like Mandala Metaverse are realizing the unique strengths of Polkadot. Access to advanced NFT capabilities, smart contracts and DeFi – all on the same infrastructure – enables Polkadot partners to deliver enhanced outcomes. It’s something that can only be achieved in a secure and seamless way on Polkadot.”

Comprised of top blockchain innovators, core engineers, Rust developers, and solutions architects, Parity Technologies launched Polkadot in collaboration with the Web3 Foundation in May 2020 and persists in supporting and advancing the network.


The introduction of the Cryptonauts NFT collection marks a significant milestone for Mandala Metaverse. The collection will enable players to customize their avatars and access exclusive content and rewards within the game, showcasing Mandala Metaverse’s dedication to creating a cross-chain metaverse powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology.

To learn more about the Cryptonauts NFT collection and mint your NFTs, visit the Mandala Metaverse website and explore this immersive new world.

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