NFT REVIEW METAVERSE Experience Luxury Living in Ethereum Towers’ Customizable Apartments

Ethereum Worlds, the luxury Metaverse builders behind Ethereum Towers, have announced the release of their highly-anticipated MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for their community-focused Metaverse platform. This initial release is exclusively available to premium asset holders and competition winners, marking the first milestone of the larger Ethereum Worlds ecosystem. 

Premium Assets

Premium assets, including Luxury and Penthouse Apartments, can be purchased through NFT secondary markets or directly from the Ethereum Towers team.

The MVP introduces fully customizable penthouses and luxury apartments that offer larger floor plans compared to standard apartments. These premium assets come with higher multipliers for in-game mechanics and other in-world incentives.

VR-First Approach

Embracing a VR-first approach, Ethereum Towers’ Apartments provide users with an immersive experience, enabling interaction and engagement within their virtual living space. 

Through the MVP, asset holders can design, build, and furnish their apartments and display their favorite NFTs as art on the walls. Furthermore, owners can access their assets and profiles through the innovative Companion App, even when not in VR. 

Users can also personalize their digital Metaverse identity using the Ready Player Me avatar solution, creating a Web3 version of themselves based on a selfie.

Jason Zemgulis, CEO of Ethereum Worlds, expressed excitement about the MVP release, stating, “We’re eager to see how our premium asset holders will utilize their fully customizable apartments to create unique virtual spaces.”

Ethereum Towers Virtual Complex

Ethereum Towers comprises 4,388 Apartments sold as NFTs. The prelaunch MVP NFT sale is currently ongoing with virtual Apartment prices starting from 0.1 ETH. 

Participants in the sale will also be entered into a weekly raffle for a chance to win a luxury Apartment. The NFT key sale will continue as long as Apartments are available.

The release of the MVP and the ongoing NFT sale mark significant milestones for Ethereum Worlds and its vision to create a premium and community-focused Metaverse platform. The project’s focus on customizable apartments, exclusive partnerships, and immersive experiences positions Ethereum Towers at the forefront of innovation within the evolving world of virtual reality and digital assets.

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