NFT REVIEW METAVERSE District X Leader Accused of Attempting to Sell Entire Decentraland District

Decentraland is an Ethereum blockchain-based virtual world that is currently dealing with a dispute between the leader of District X, RobL, and a group of community members. 

District X is one of the 90 districts within Decentraland and was initially created as an art-focused district. However, community members have accused RobL of attempting to sell the entire district and not involving contributors in the decision-making process.

Morph Proposes to Remove RobL

Morph, a member of the Decentraland community, proposed a poll to remove RobL as the district’s custodian and transfer ownership of the land to a multisig wallet controlled by a community-elected council. 

Morph’s proposal highlighted that RobL took on the role of custodian without consulting the contributors, and the district has pivoted from its original intent, with little development taking place. Moreover, Morph alleges that RobL attempted to sell the entire district, which has caused a great deal of concern among the community members.

In response to these allegations, RobL has denied Morph’s claims about his handling of the district’s land. He states that selling districts is not illegal and that his voting power in the Decentraland DAO alone is enough to prevent the poll from passing. 

Furthermore, he highlights that the Decentraland Foundation and the DAO are aware that Morph’s proposals are filled with misinformation and are patently false. Additionally, RobL emphasizes that the Decentraland DAO has no control over OpenSea, a decentralized marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Decentraland Foundation, an external party to the situation, has not been called on by the community to participate in the proposal and has not taken a position on the matter.


In conclusion, the dispute between District X’s leader and community members highlights the challenges that arise when a virtual world’s governance is decentralized. As Decentraland continues to grow, similar governance disputes may become more frequent. 

It is crucial for community members to participate in discussions about the governance of Decentraland and other virtual worlds to ensure that these worlds remain fair and equitable for all users. Therefore, community members must engage in constructive dialogue to achieve a resolution that is beneficial to all stakeholders.

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