NFT REVIEW Lamborghini V12 will come with an NFT

Lamborghini is ready to ship its last V12 car with a one-of-one NFT, and this is massive news for the automotive industry

Lamborghini: Tractors and beyond

Few luxury car brands are more iconic than the Lamborghini brand, and it’s inspirational to see how far a tractor-making company has come to become one of the most scintillating and recognizable brands of all time.

Lamborghini is one brand that doesn’t cut corners; a big part of this company’s business has to do with attention to detail and personalized service. When Lamborghini announced plans to enter the NFT space, it was exciting and intriguing to see how the company would approach its NFT ambitions.

A few of the questions on people’s minds were, will Lamborghini NFTs be tied to vehicle ownership? Will Lamborghini stick to its brand by offering limited units of its NFTs? These questions are reasonable questions to ask, considering the fact that many people are emotionally invested in the Lamborghini brand even though we might not be able to afford their vehicles.

Lamborghini recently announced plans to auction its last ever unit of one of its most essential and most sought-after vehicles.

The Last Aventador Coupe

Lamborghini is moving to an electric future, and it is closing the door on its internal combustion engine Aventador program. The Italian company announced plans to auction its last-ever Aventador coupe later this month on April 9 at an event hosted in Canada.

On April 19, Lamborghini will auction its final Aventador model with a 770-hp Ultimae edition, and this sale is symbolic because every Aventador sold from this point will be fully electric or hybrid. The Lamborghini auction is symbolic, and it’s only fitting that the company sells this vehicle in the most 2022 way possible.

Lamborghini will sell the vehicle by pairing it with a one-of-one NFT, and this is a step in the right direction for the Italian automotive manufacturer. Lamborghini isn’t embarking on this project alone; the company will collaborate with Steve Aoki and Krista Kim, two contemporary artists. Furthermore, INVNT group, a brand storytelling agency, will join the project.

Krista Kim will provide the visual artwork for the NFT, and we can expect her to incorporate some of her signature design elements on the physical Lamborghini Aventador Coupe. Steve Aoki is a famous musician, and he’ll be entrusted with developing a custom track for the NFT.

Lamborghini is going Electric

As mentioned earlier, the sale of the final Lamborghini Aventador Coupe is a special occasion for the company, and it’s part of its plan to electrify its lineup as early as next year significantly. Lovers of the iconic V12 engine will definitely be sad to see it go, and it’s not hard to figure out why.

At the very least, it’s cool to see that Lamborghini is giving one of its most iconic engines a befitting send-off as the company becomes one of the first brands to electrify its lineup significantly.

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