NFT REVIEW Guerlain launches NFT collection ‘REAVERSE’ on TEZOS

Guerlain has launched REAVERSE in collaboration with creative agency MNSTR, which will see 1828 NFTs auctioned via the OBJKT platform, on the TEZOS blockchain.

The French perfume, cosmetics and skincare company will auction the NFTs, named ‘Cryptobees’, as part of a unique real-world initiative to fund the rewilding of 28 hectares of land in Les Mesnuls.

Thus, holders of these Cryptobees will be entrusted as a “godparent” to one of 1828 plots of land in the Vallée de la Millière nature reserve.

The Guerlain press release said: “The intention is for the land to offer a unique environment in which researchers can study and observe the reduction of human impact on ecosystems. 
“It will also serve as a place of sensitisation and instruction on ecological issues associated with the agricultural world. More than 350 animal and plant species have been identified so far in the landscape. The aim is to preserve these and allow them to multiply and flourish.”

Cryptobees, a nod to Guerlain’s symbol of the bee, can be bought for between 20-250XTZ ($65-810) on the energy-efficient TEZOS blockchain. 
The NFT collection is part of a larger commitment to nature, sustainability and in particular, the preservation of bees which Guerlain has been championing – spearheaded by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie.
Furthermore, each cryptobee NFT – linked to a plot of land in the nature reserve – has unique characteristics with 4 levels of rarity. 

Cryptobee rewilding land parcels

The press release continued: “Buying a Cryptobee means becoming a sponsor of a piece of this haven of biodiversity, and therefore participating in its re-wilding.” 
“And what’s more, 28 of the Cryptobees have rare traits that will be revealed at random once the sale is closed. Each of the digital artworks remains unique and is associated with precise geographical coordinates.”

Hence, REAVERSE seeks to take focus from the digital world back to the real world, by empowering NFT holders with a plot of land that they will, in a sense, represent and nurture. 
The project was conceived by Yann and Tom Arthus-Bertrand and is a marriage between the physical world and the digital world, which places emphasis on our natural world over the virtual metaverse.

Founded in 1828, Guerlain is one of the oldest and most established luxury perfume, cosmetics and skincare brands and with the REAVERSE, they’re looking to merge the digital world with their overarching sustainability goals.

They partner with MNSTR, which is a Paris-based brand and storytelling agency, whose impressive portfolio includes giants like Microsoft and Adidas.

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