NFT REVIEW GAMING Yield Guild Games Partners with Web3 Platform Strider to Empower Creative Communities With DAO…

YGG has teamed up with Strider, a Web3 platform that equips creative teams with DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) tools and resourcing to develop, produce and scale their visions. Strider harnesses the creative power of dedicated communities to build NFT-driven virtual worlds, story worlds, and games.

Through this partnership between YGG and Strider, YGG community members will be able to collaborate on the concept and production processes of new games and story worlds with developers. As one of the first communities that will be able to support Strider’s rapidly growing projects through guild participation and asset acquisition, YGG will also be working with Strider to identify early-stage opportunities from a variety of constituents — such as new teams, intellectual property (IP) owners and NFT profile picture (PFP) projects — that need creative and development resourcing and are looking to garner support from more lively communities in their transition to Web3. There will also be items in a variety of projects that will be available for the YGG community, including potentially limited items.

“Web3 is redefining ownership and work, and bringing power back to communities and builders,” said Andrew Green, co-founder and CEO of Strider. “YGG is the gold-standard in community empowerment and play-to-earn, and we couldn’t be more excited about YGG’s investment and partnership to help harness the creative power of communities.”

With this, Strider recently announced a US$3 million seed raise. The platform will provide users with DAO tooling for creative production, such as contributor payouts, creative bounties, proposal submissions, a programmable treasury, token issuance, tiered governance structures, and an inventive new take on the front-end user experience and voting mechanisms. The DAO will also allow projects to be housed as subDAOs on the Strider platform.

Strider gives people instant and transparent access to teams developing new intellectual property for entertainment and games, while allowing them the opportunity to co-create and invest.

Strider is co-founded by an all-star team with years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry:

Additionally, casting director Linda Lamontagne has joined the team as Strider’s head of talent. Lamontagne has served as the casting director for properties like Invincible (Netflix), Family Guy (Fox), Bojack Horseman (Netflix), American Dad (Fox), and The Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network).

Members of Strider will be able to get in on the ground floor of projects they are interested in and help validate the games for further development. Bridging the gap for Web3 teams that don’t have production and management experience while also onboarding Web2 into Web3.

For more information on Strider, check out their website, Discord and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.

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