NFT REVIEW GAMING Yield Guild Games Partners With New Play-to-Earn Racing Game, Nitro League

Yield Guild Games (YGG) has partnered with Nitro League, a mobile-first, decentralized racing game set in the Metaverse where players can earn tokens by racing competitively or exploring other in-game features casually. The game is backed by a team that has been creating games for decades, now with an aim to support the play-to-earn ecosystem and launch a high-quality, sustainable and compelling NFT game.

YGG purchased US$50,000 worth of NITRO governance tokens and will be acquiring assets in Nitro League. This is another step toward giving members of the community a rich and diverse collection of games to choose from as the guild further extends its reach across the Metaverse.

Through this partnership with YGG, Nitro League hopes to connect with the guild’s play-to-earn community on a mission to create a large virtual economy where the community-owned assets can be maximized.

“We’re excited to partner with YGG, given their extensive relationships within the gaming community,” said Zaynab Tucker, CEO of Nitro League. “We are looking forward to increasing our reach and to better understanding the people who make the game — the players.”

The racing game intends to focus on problems that conventional games face, such as pay-to-win, improper balancing of characters and imbalanced matchmaking. The team’s vision is to leverage the power of blockchain by making every aspect of the game decentralized, so the game can be totally community-owned.

Since players from YGG have experience playing various types of games, Nitro League will be able to collaborate with the player base to try and create the best user experience for the game.

Set to release in Q2 of 2022, Nitro League offers striking and futuristic NFT cars built for the sole purpose of racing. Players can race with them online, trade them in the marketplace or showcase them, among others. Cars can also be upgraded with rare parts to increase their market value.

To start racing, a player must first join a clan. When players win a race, they earn Reputation Points (RP), which they can also lose when they don’t perform. If a player reaches a specific tier and stops playing, there will be a decay in RP. This would demote them to a lower rank to help other active players achieve higher tiers. To signify their rank in the game, racers are rewarded with a badge by the clan based on their RP. Players can switch clans anytime, although there are consequences such as losing clan-specific perks.

Nitro League offers three different racing modes. The free-to-play mode can be used to practice and get recognized as a racer. Solo events are a play-to-earn mode for individual racers. Lastly, team events are also for play-to-earn but with greater rewards.

“Blueprints” can be obtained by competing in solo and team events. They are the main breeding mechanism and are used to customize and design cars. Nitro League is also Metaverse-linked, meaning players can bring their NFT into the game. Players also have access to a garage where they can manage upgrades, store assets, park their cars, display other NFTs and visit friends.

Players of the game will be able to create and host racing events and other activities and broadcast them online for a real-world sporting experience. Nitro League will also invite sponsors and advertisers to help support the developers in the continued delivery of new, high-quality content to expand the Nitro Metaverse.

The team’s main focus is to provide players with opportunities to stake tokens. To progress faster in the game and earn better rewards, players can stake tokens to get a membership.

NITRO is the primary utility token for the game. Staking such tokens allows players to unlock reward multipliers and gain access to exclusive races. As racers progress in the game, more features will be available. This includes designing tracks, starting a clan, and recruiting others to join a clan.

For more information on Nitro League, check out their website, whitepaper, Discord and Twitter.

Also check out YGG’s Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.

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