NFT REVIEW GAMING Welcome our Newest Partner, Gates of Ethernity!

CryptoBladers, we are extremely excited to announce our latest partnership with Gates of Ethernity! Gates of Ethernity is created by Ethernity Games Inc., a game development studio that creates high-end games within the crypto and NFT realm. Our partnership is just blossoming and is full of excitement and potential! Philip Devine, Riveted Games CEO, and Developer, has accepted a role of advisory for Gates of Ethernity. We cannot wait to see it grow and succeed!

“Gates of Ethernity is a unique and immersive venture of bringing an undeniable level of graphics and artistic excellence, paired with immensely deep environmental storytelling into the world of Blockchain and NFTs. The main difference between GoE and any existing counterpart definitely lies within our exceptional level of quality. We strive towards fully-fledged, Hollywood’s native level of cinematography and visual production…Play to earn your honor and influence, collect mythical creatures, face your challenges and rise through the ranks. Get into the wild through the Gates of Eternity”(GoE Website).

For more information on Gates of Ethernity, visit their website and Twitter! We also highly encourage you to join their Discord and talk to their vibrate and knowledgeable team and community!

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