NFT REVIEW GAMING Staking Hub: New projects are getting ready to join in the fun.

Hello, our dear community. On February 15th, after the Staking Hub was launched, along with the R-Governance section, a few questions regarding the project listing process came up. We wrote this article to address them and to explain what is happening right now.

For now, the collections we are working with can be divided into three types:

  • old collections that were listed in the R-Planet Staking System before;

Those projects went into the whitelist automatically and have already been listed in the Staking Hub and available for voting and staking.

  • collections, which were waiting for the listing in the R-Planet Staking System from the time before the Staking 2.0 was announced;

Those projects went into the whitelist automatically, have already been listed in the Staking Hub, and are available for voting and staking as well.

  • collections, which applied for Staking 2.0 and met all the requirements for whitelisting.

We’ve got 78 applications so far and are very excited about that! Yet, every application needs time to be revised. By now, we’ve reviewed more than 90% of the collections. Shortly their owners will receive our notice via email, with instructions regarding the next steps they should take. We are going to add collections gradually announcing them on our social media. So keep your notifications on and your eyes wide open!

We appreciate your patience and are working on applications of new projects nonstop to be able to start adding them on the Staking Hub from the beginning of the next week.

Another topic that brought a lot of discussions within the community is the Fund of Projects Support of 25 000 000 000 Æ and the distribution of that funds among the projects.

To make this process as transparent as possible the team decided to implement the special system. Accordingly, a certain amount of this Æ will be used as a vote, from the team and will go to the projects who make the biggest contribution to community development and show the project a visible support on social media.

We are working on the details right now and will announce all the rules a bit later.

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