NFT REVIEW GAMING Put Your Hands Up! Rob a Monsta (RaM) has Arrived!

CryptoBladers, It’s here! Our Partner, Cake Monster, is releasing “Rob a Monsta” as the newest game feature in their Play-to-Earn Partyverse! RaM will reward the active Gen-0 Party Monstas while penalizing inactive ones.

Currently, all Party Monstas that have been fed at least once will continue to accrue $MONSTA dividends (even if they are not fed again). This means that at any point holders can come along and claim their pending dividends without being active. That’s not going to be the case anymore!

“Rob a Monsta” punishes this lazy holder activity by adding a new twist to the game that allows active Party Monstas to literally ROB the pending $MONSTA dividends and PXP from the inactive Monstas!

When a “robbery” is initiated, an alert is sent on Telegram and Twitter notifying everyone — making it possible for other active Party Monstas to come and try to join the ongoing assault! However, only one Monsta will succeed in the robbery and claim the available loot!

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