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One of the giants in the play to earn space has just taken a giant leap forward in their game design. Splinterlands is moving towards a fully decentralised business model, that has become a massive deal of late because of the newest crypto crash. Splinterlands are auctioning off their validator nodes which went on sale on the 25th of May 2022. Validator nodes are available to all members of the public and will be delegated on a proof of stake model.

The validator node sale is available to bid for on the Splintershards (SPS) website and will require vouchers to participate. Whoever puts up the most is selected to become a validator node: simple. This important move towards full decentralisation marks only the first step, with their decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) set to follow in the coming months.

SPS’s Deflationary Nature

Liam Labistour, Director of Growth at Splinterlands, supports the project’s move towards decentralisation and the deflationary nature that this move entails.

“The sale is a massive leap in the right direction for Splinterlands. Not only does this mark a turning point for community participation in the project, but it will also act as a major deflationary system for SPS. … Eighty percent of the tokens used to purchase nodes will be burned upon purchase. The other 20% of the tokens will be directly added to the Splinterlands DAO. This, in turn, will help usher in another wave of community participation upon release, in which community members staking SPS will be allowed to help govern DAO funds.”

The DAO and Nodes

The validator node sale will be in batches with the number of tokens needed per node licence due to increase after every few thousand licences sold.  

Validator software will be 100% open source and available for all validators to download and run without costs or restrictions.  

The proof of stake model will allow SPS holders to elect their chosen validator nodes based on how many SPS tokens they have staked. 

Validators who are voted in will be eligible to obtain a portion of the 375,000 SPS tokens pooled each month. The remainder of the pool will be split equally among validators.

Aly Maghavji, the Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, had this to say on Splinterlands decentralised nature:

“It’s great to see Splinterlands leading the way for decentralisation and community participation in the blockchain and gaming space. This latest initiative demonstrates the teams deep commitment to the Splinterlands community.”

About Splinterlands

For those of you who have been living in a cave and have not heard of Splinterlands, well, in its simplest form, it is a play-to-earn trading card game. The cards have a limited supply and come in NFT form. Players can participate in a variety of play-to-earn activities within the blockchain realm to earn rewards. To date, participation in Splinterlands is extremely high, with over 2 million cards transacted every day, and over 10 million games played daily. In total, the game has been played over 2 billion times. The game is played globally across 146 different countries and is available in 10 different languages.

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