NFT REVIEW GAMING Not all Weapons are Created Equal: Special Weapons have Arrived

CryptoBladers! Our developers are at it again, pushing another awesome release today, Special Weapons. Special weapons have a dedicated graphic design, some of our own and others from Partnered Projects. These will also allow one free opponent reroll in PVP every 24 hours.

Acquiring these will be special, as each may have a limited time and supply for the event. We’ll be launching events with our partners soon, during which users will be able to forge special weapons (one per wallet). Special weapons can be forged with SKILL or shards. Shards can be accumulated by forging normal weapons during these events (1 weapon = 1 shard) or by staking SKILL. There are 3 forging options: 3–5 stars, 4–5 stars, guaranteed 5 stars, each having the appropriate cost.

Make sure to follow our social media accounts and join our Discord and or Telegram to keep up with the latest information and to be informed immediately when events go live. We are ecstatic to see where this goes and cannot wait to deliver the incredible blades we have in store.

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