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MonkeyLeague has gained worldwide popularity in a short amount of time. As we work diligently to deliver the next generation of high-quality play-and-earn games, we have grown exponentially in the last few months — at nearly 30 now and on track to reach 40 team members by April.

The all-star team at MonkeyLeague is made up of experienced and talented people from across disciplines and who are well accustomed to developing new games leveraging emerging technologies — with our team leaders having been pioneers in developing mobile and casual gaming. Dozens of people have come together with a common mission — to create the best play-and-earn gaming experiences not only in the metaverse but ON. THE. PLANET!

The MonkeyLeague team breaks down into several subteams — Game Development, Blockchain Development, Art and Design, Product Management, Operations, Marketing, and HR- led by the MonkeyChief, Raz Friedman.

We will be diving into each team member with an article series called MonkeyLeague’s MonkeyNuts Team but today will give an overview. There are a few people not in the image above.

Raz Friedman. MonkeyChief. Linkedin

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Playtika’s. Raz Friedman is known by many to be one of the greatest game minds of our time, a once-in-a-generation game designer. A visionary and pioneer of mobile gaming, his experience as a game developer is literally unmatched. He’s been in charge of games like Slotomania, Poker Heat, Bingo Blitz, House of Fun, and many others. Playtika is a massive game developer, a publicly listed company that is traded on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: PLTK) and creates disruptive gaming experiences that have reshaped the gaming landscape.

Nir Shney-Dor. CTO. Linkedin

A former CTO at Jelly Button Games and having spent 20 years in research and development, most recently at Amazon, we are proud to have Nir as MonkeyLeague’s Chief Technology Officer.

Nadav Shmeuly. Head of Game Development. Linkedin

A veteran Unity and game developer, Nadav has been developing and leading teams on Unity for over a decade. He brings a wealth of experience in mobiling gaming and research and development as our Head of Game Dev.

Gal Bar-Touv. Unity Team Lead. Linkedin

Gal is a powerhouse unity developer with a decade of experience developing games on Unity specializing in mobile gaming, most recently as Client Team Lead at Jelly Button Games.

Jenya Gorodnytsky. Senior Unity Developer. Linkedin

A veteran software engineer and game developer with a decade of experience building mobile games, Jenya’s specialty is Unity and he’s a powerful force bringing the MonkeyLeague game to life.

Shahar Braha. Unity Developer. Linkedin

A seasoned Unity developer with several years of experience building apps, games, and simulators for desktop, mobile, and VR, Shahar brings a ton of gaming and game development knowledge.

Matan Cohen. Unity Developer. Linkedin

A talented software and A.I. developer with several years of experience building games on Unity for multiple platforms with a specialty in neural networks. Aside from core game dev, Matan is currently also working on the A.I. for the MonkeyBots, or computer players, in the Player vs Environment game mode. I guess it also helps that he’s a chess-playing wizard.

Gal Tchernihovski. Technical Artist. Linkedin

A gifted technical artist, Gal has spent the last five years as a graphic designer and technical artist for Unity.

Neer Friedman. Full-Stack & Blockchain Development. Linkedin

A veteran and super talented software developer with nearly two decades of experience in full-stack development. Nir also happens to be the brother of MonkeyChief, Raz Friedman.

Omer Duskin: Blockchain Development. Linkedin

A veteran software developer with fifteen years of experience in research and development, with deep knowledge across multiple dev languages and several years leading R&D teams.

Dvir Yomtov: Blockchain Developer. Linkedin

A software developer with deep experience in Python, C#, C++ and with game engines like Unreal and Unity. Aside from his developing skills, rain, sleet, hail, or snow Dvir’s smile reigns supreme and lights up the office on a daily basis.

Veronika Taistov: QA Engineer. Linkedin

A talented quality assurance engineer, Veronika, or Nika, previously worked QA for Yandex. She is hardcore behind the scenes making sure everything technical works and critical bugs are identified such as a bug in the system or game.

Liat Presman. QA Engineer Starting February 23rd!

Yossi Kerman. VP of Creative. Linkedin

A seasoned designer and creative wizard, Yossi’s experience in design and art goes back over a decade and covers multiple disciplines. He’s also a veteran in the gaming industry, most recently leading the art for game studios, Communix and Jelly Button Games. (And a big fan of Wu-Tang)

Itay Shlesinger. Head of 3D Art. Linkedin

A veteran 3D artist and animator with a decade of experience creating 3D characters, assets, and environments for some of the most successful game companies and studio production houses, such as Playtika, Jelly Button Games, and Snowball Studios.

Omer Goldlust. Lead 3D Animator. Linkedin

A master 3D character animator, Omer spent several years at Snowball Studios as Animation Director with a couple of Disney productions under his belt.

Boaz Goel: 2D Artist Lead. Linkedin

Over a decade of experience in animation and illustration, producing high production value designs, Boaz has spent the last several years at Jelly Button Games.

Anton Hayat: 3D Artist. Linkedin

A highly experienced 3D artist, Anton has been creating 3D characters and animations for seven years, most recently at his own studio, GKI Group and Snowball Studios.

Jonathan Schneider. 3D Artist. Linkedin

A gifted 3D artist is known around the MonkeyLeague office as the Bobby Fischer of art, Jay previously worked at GameBoost and Playtika.

Kfir Balouka. 3D Artist. Linkedin

A young and super talented 3D artist, Kfir brings a wealth of talent and potential to the MonkeyLeague art team. Most recently, Kfir worked his magic on the MonkeyBowl Monkey NFTs!

Tomer Brandes. Head of Operations. Linkedin

A former VP of product and operations at Albert Technologies, Tomer has led product development & operations for startups & publicly listed companies for the last decade.

Barbara Klajman. Customer Support & Operations Manager. Linkedin

Just started today the 20th!

Liron Farjon. Head of Product. Linkedin

Former Senior Product Lead at Playtika & Scopely, Liron is a product management killer, having spent nearly a decade in driving product success and live operations in the mobile and gaming industry.

Uri Shavit. Product Lead. Linkedin

An accomplished gaming product lead, Uri has extensive knowledge on leading new games from concept to successful launch and growth — most recently as Product Team Lead at Playtika.

Anton Suslonov. Senior Economist. Linkedin

Anton is a seasoned data scientist and expert in blockchain-based economies. He’s been a major contributor to the game economy and architecture of breeding in MonkeyLeague.

Oren Langberg: Head of Marketing. Linkedin

Oren has spent over 15 years leading marketing and business development in private and listed companies. Most recently, he headed the marketing of a gamified giving startup and prior to that as senior marketing manager to clients and director of sales enablement at Albert Technologies, a digital marketing automation company servicing some of the biggest brands in the world.

Shai Pozazy. Marketing Operations Manager. Linkedin

Shai is a hardcore, experienced marketing and operations manager with a few years of experience implementing marketing strategies and managing operations for a large hospitality group.

Amit Peled: Strategy & Partner Marketing. Linkedin

Specializing in strategy and partnerships, Amit’s experience with crypto goes back a decade and he specializes in token strategy and partner marketing. He is currently also the Chief Strategy Officer at Kryptomon.

Savyon Arbel: Marketing Designer. Linkedin

A talented graphic designer and illustrator with experience across multiple disciplines of design. She’s been responsible for making all those AWESOME graphics for MonkeyLeague articles and posts!

Carol Wurzman. Marketing Manager Starting February 21st! Linkedin

Neta Alezraki. VP of HR. Linkedin

No one knows HR like Neta. No one! She is an expert when it comes to recruiting and finding the right people! She has over a decade of experience in talent recruitment and has helped grow MonkeyLeague from four to nearly thirty in a short amount of time!

That’s all for today’s article giving an overview of MonkeyLeague’s MonkeyNuts team. The team continues to grow with several new members joining in the next couple of weeks and we are on track to be forty in April! As we have introduced the team, we’ll start doing weekly spotlights on each team member. Stay tuned!

Much MonkeyLove

Oren Langberg

Head of Marketing

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