NFT REVIEW GAMING Meta Nebulas Launches 2 New Functions

Meta Nebulas launched 2 months ago and we have achieved thousands of users in our ecosystem. So what’s so interesting about us?

First of all, Meta Nebulas has 3 ecosystems for users to make a living: SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN, NFT and Stakepool. So what’s SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN about? Players could start with 50 IONZ ($50 if IONZ is priced at $1) to purchase an NFT in order to start doing the social missions such as sending greetings to 30 players in the dapp. Upon completing missions, players could earn 10,000 SOLARIX ($100 if SOLARIX is priced at $0.01). Yes, it’s that simple to double-up your capital in Meta Nebulas.

Other than SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN, players can earn by selling their NFT at a higher price depending on the market’s demand. In short, players could earn more than $100 if they choose to sell the NFT when the marketplace is opened to the public to sell NFT.

Staking IONZ with Meta Nebulas

Here comes the most interesting part, which is our SOLARIX-Stakepool. We have replaced the icons of our stakecamps with Gun, Tank and Fighter Jet. The stronger the weapon players pick, the more IONZ can be harvested from the stakepool. And each of them has a different APR and durations. The highest APR that players could get is up to 340%. In addition, our APR is fixed currently so that players still have the opportunity to stake in order to earn more.

NFTs from Meta Nebulas

Here are a few latest updates on our ecosystem! We have launched 2 new functions in our dApps! First, we have launched the scholarship system. NFT owners only need to insert the scholar’s wallet address and scholars will be able to start the journey of SOCIALIZE-AND-EARN!

Other than that, we are launching the “VIP Package” where users can bulk purchase NFT. So that players could grab the NFTs easily. After purchasing the “VIP Package”, players don’t have to rush and grab the NFT in the marketplace as the system will automatically release NFT to the “VIP Package” purchaser only.

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