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Due to the constantly increasing number of high-spec equipments in the shop, items in the early and mid-term stages failed to form an appropriate market price and faced a steep decline in value. In addition, users who experienced item value depreciation did not continue farming to overcome stages with a higher difficulty in the early and mid-stage stages. With item prices falling quickly and there being no limits to item wearing level, users quickly moved on to purchasing equipment of higher level set at a lower price than the original value. As a result, the volume of early and mid-term items traded is rapidly decreasing.

The transactions highly concentrated around high level equipments lowered chances of NCG earning for new users and slowed their growth tremendously. Also, the top users who should be selling equipment to the new users were not providing enough ****market volatility which was slowing the growth rate of the entire users.

In short: the current system does not work. The initial system designed to provide players with sufficient experience through the production and reinforcement of items that unlocks quickly in the beginning and gets difficult as they go after the World 3, is becoming overly difficult. The value of items gradually declined by the increasing number of top-notch items has made it easy to clear most of the content through the investment of tiny fraction of NCG. Most of the equipments are too low in value, which is why users’ effort to manufacture and upgrade them may feel wasted.

We do not assume that these obstacles will be solved overnight by the item-wearing level limit system alone. However, we expect item wearing level limit system will help the adoption of regular Arena seasons that will provide seasonal goals for users in the future. In addition, it will supplement the World Boss system, which aims to set equipment to prepare for various patterns horizontally as well as the existing vertical stat growth.

Through the update,

  • ???? Players will be able to enjoy the process of contemplating items that can be produced and purchased at shops and choosing the options of growth through items that can be used.
  • ???? Diversified strategies for each stage will now be available, which is an upgrade from the past where one high-spec solves it all. This will help establish a pattern of reselling well-used equipment at the shop and re-acquiring the funds for the next stage of equipment purchase.
  • ???? As a result, players will have a lower barrier for growth in each stages.

However, under such design, purchase through the shop will be seldom needed. This is why we decided items that are one level higher than those currently available should also be worn.

Of course, players can still get unsatisfactory results or face difficulties getting desired options from production alone. In this case, you can instead consider purchasing items at the shop.

All changes can be previewed before the update at the PreviewNet, which will soon be shared on Discord.

If it was an traditional server-based game, it would have been possible to modify past items or ban the usage of items when changing the production-related system, but at Nine Chronicles, the history built with players cannot be arbitrarily changed by the team. It is systematically impossible.

We have considered various ways to resolve this problem and have concluded as following. We will check the options of the existing ‘Mimisbrunnr’ items and give them the same standard of wearing level as other items as much as possible, but a few items that does not fit in this standard, the general-grade items with the same ID, will be limited of wearing.

I would appreciate it if you could take this part as an event that happened due to a completely decentralized nature of the game, the history of which cannot be modified a central party. As you explore the shop, you might see items with low wearing levels with high specifications.

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