NFT REVIEW GAMING How to Earn Playing Along with the Gods

Daily Quests can be found in the Quests tab on the Home screen. You must complete all the Daily Quests on this screen to be eligible for the PLA rewards for the day.

You can access the Arena from the Home screen. Major Arena is where PvP Rankings will be taken from for Weekly PvP Arena Staking Rewards.

This is the flagship Arena mode in Along with the Gods and consists of PvP 5v5 Hero battles, with no restrictions on the type of Heroes you can use. Set your Attack team with your desired Heroes.

You can adjust your team strategy according to your opponent as well. Along with the Gods rewards players who utilize superior tactics so make sure to do your best! Collect Heroes, upgrade your Heroes and formulate the best tactics to climb higher and earn more.

To enter a battle go to Arena> Major Arena > Enter Arena > Select and Battle the user you want and after viewing their team you can click Start if you wish to proceed.

You must use a Major Arena Ticket each time you start a battle, you can hold up to 10 Tickets at a time and they regenerate every 30 minutes. You can also purchase Arena Tickets with Gems.

If the PvP Arena Staking Rewards increases to over 2000 staking participants the total rewards pool of PLA will be increased.

Make sure to pay attention to your Defense Team Formation as well. This is the team other players will face when they select you to battle against. Winning and losing with your Defense team will also affect your ranking.

If you’re new to the game you can refer to this general starter guide as well as this Arena guide to help learn the ropes of the game and Arena mode.

10 Tips for New Along with the Gods Players

Level up your AWTG knowledge in no time with these tips!

How to Become an Arena Mode God (with tips from the#1 ranked World Team Arena player)

A comprehensive guide to winning in the Arena

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