NFT REVIEW GAMING How Has Alien Worlds Changed Your Life?

Alien Worlds is among the top games in the blockchain gaming industry. Having the ability to prosper and work together with others are only a couple of the primary incentives that attract people to the Metaverse.

Many players have jumped headfirst into the Metaverse and found real opportunities to thrive using unconventional methods. People from around the world are coming together and forming meaningful relationships around common, social and professional interests.

Some of these players started their journeys by sharing tools and strategies in the community and have gone on to create their own games, further bolstering the entire blockchain gaming ecosystem.

This week, rather than asking for lore stories, we are asking for your stories. We would love to know: How has Alien Worlds changed your life?

Every player that answers the following 4 questions and includes their name (real first name and their last name initial), plus their WAX wallet address will be rewarded with an Alien Worlds NFT:

Submit your stories between 0000 UTC Saturday — 23:59 UTC Sunday

Where: Discord in the Contest Submissions channel:

If you need assistance please ask Community Support members on any of our official platforms for assistance.

*By submitting your entry you agree to let Alien Worlds use your testimony in future promotional material.



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