NFT REVIEW GAMING DeFi Land Enters P2E Beta Testing Phase!

DeFi Land is set to launch its new play-to-earn (P2E) experience on May 18th at 8 pm UST.

The popular farming game has achieved over 7,500 daily active users (DAU) and will now transition into “the greatest chapter so far in DeFi Land history”.

The new P2E economy in DeFi Land will be driven by NFTs as it enters its beta testing mode.

Indeed, the DeFi Land NFT collection sold out in 16 seconds, as 20,000 ‘Gen-O’ NFTs were sold for a total of $1.75 million.

In addition, the floor price jumped by 2x as the hype surrounding the game intensified and the value of the NFTs increased.

Inside DeFi Land

In order to join the P2E experience, you will need to buy one of the Gen-O NFTs available on the Opensea and Magic Eden marketplaces.

As the third-most prominent blockchain game on Solana, DeFi Land provides engaging agricultural activities for the user to enjoy, such as fishing, shooting, farming, harvesting and taking care of pets.

Now, players will earn the native $DFL token and the new in-game currency, $GOLDY, which will be used predominantly for rewards and transactions.

Through these currencies, players can upgrade in-game NFTs, customize, craft, repair and socially interact with others. 

The team said on their Medium channel: “The highest rewards per session will range from 5–40 $GOLDY (with a minimum-level NFT) to 200–450 $GOLDY (with a maximum-level NFT and highest possible score). The rewards will be distributed to your DeFi Land gaming wallet, which can then be transferred to your personal wallet or used on in-game items and upgrades.”

“Because we are still in beta, we will keep a close eye on the dynamics of $GOLDY and adjust the rewards as needed to promote a sustainable and rewarding economy.”

Farming games have been soaring in popularity, and DeFi Land is confident they can capitalize on this as they aim for mainstream adoption in the P2E space.

What is more, those who don’t wish to commit money can still play in the free mode and compete on the leaderboard to participate in monthly prizes.

Those playing in the free mode could still work their way into a position where they’re earning $DFL, $GOLDY and NFTs.

The P2E feature of DeFi land is just one exciting milestone in a journey which promises much. 

Future Plans

In Q2 2022, DeFi Land plans to execute its vision of being a multi-chain game, with more chain integrations currently in the works.

Furthermore, an alpha version of the DeFi Land mobile game is in development and is expected to be released in Q3 2022. 

DeFi Land is an agriculture simulation game created to gamify decentralized finance. Eventually, in the game, players will be able to start playing the game for free, grind their way up to the P2E tier and compete with others (PvP), trade assets and more.

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