NFT REVIEW GAMING CryptoBlades Rewind: An Overview of the Last Month of Work and Accomplishments

CryptoBladers! We have an exciting new series to release on YouTube today titled “CB Rewind!” CryptoBlades Rewind is a series where we take you through the past month, looking at all of the partnerships, events, milestones, and developmental updates we’ve achieved. It is a quick, exciting, way to get information to you and keep you in the loop on what is happening with CryptoBlades. For more constant updates, we recommend you follow our other social platforms and or join our Discord and Telegram that way you never miss a beat.

CB Rewind Episode 1:


Age of Tanks — a 3D turn-based strategy game.
Cake Monster — an ultra-deflationary, automated, dividend yield token on Binance Smart chain.
1000 Blocks — a platform where users can co-create an NFT and get rewarded in the process.

Between Age of Tanks and Cake Monster, $80,000 of rewards were added to our Multi-Farm for CryptoBlades players to claim for rewards.


AMA recap with, an NFT-based action game on Polygon.
AMA Recap with Age of Tanks.
Philip Devine’s Livestream video (from Twitch) on YouTube with BitHotel.
Philip Devine’s Livestream video (from Twitch) on YouTube with Altura.
Philip Devine’s Livestream video (from Twitch)on YouTube with TryHards.


Second TikTok Contest
Cryptomeda CryptoBlades Themed NFTs
Numerous Giveaways and Giveaway events

Developmental Updates:

Character Burning
Shield Bridging
PvP Beta improvements and development
Bazaar Marketplace
CryptoBlades Quests hit Testnet

It was a great second month of 2022, as the momentum for CryptoBlades continues to increase exponentially. Something unbelievably BIG is coming and we hope you are all prepared. Keep up to speed with everything CryptoBlades related through our Discord and Socials (all linked below). Cheers to another amazing month!

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