NFT REVIEW GAMING CryptoBlades Quests are Here: New Feature Releases Today

CryptoBladers, we have another new feature for you that is launching in CryptoBlades today, CryptoBlades Quests! Quests in general is a system of rewarding players for doing/submitting certain tasks and in-game items in order to earn greater rewards and reputation. There are requirements and rewards that will bring a new interactive and engaging gameplay experience!

General info

Players may have to input various items/actions for their quests:

Not all quests require something but as of now, many do. The rewards you could receive are the following:

The process for obtaining and completing a quest is as follows:

Requesting a Quest

After clicking on the Quest tab players will see their active warriors horizontally down the page. To the right of each character, you will be able to select “Requesting a Quest.” After requesting and following the steps through Metamask, a quest will appear on your characters panel. If no items are required to complete the quest (such as stamina), you will simply be able to submit the quest. Note that below submit you will be able to skip a quest. One Free skip is given daily otherwise there is a small stamina fee for skipping. If it is an item that is required to submit and you have the item already, click submit and a screen will pop up where you can select the item to complete your quest!

Submitting Progress

Some quests allow or may even require you to submit progress, such as multi-item quests or stamina quests larger than 200. You again can click on the submit button to do so can follow the steps through Metamask to update your progress.

Completing a Quest

Upon completing the quest you will receive your reward. Rewards are labeled on your character panel next to the items needed. The rewards example list is above this section but you will also notice a reward of reputation. Reputation is an exciting quest feature that rewards players for their accumulative completion of quests in the long term. Each character earns Reputation for completing quests. A better Reputation level means better chances for better quests (meaning greater quests and greater rewards). As a note, Reputation stays on your character NFT, so it will always stay with the character, bridging and trading won’t affect the level of Reputation a character has.

Quests and Reputation Tiers

Quests have 5 tiers:

As the quests’ rarity increases, so will the rarity of the required items and ultimately the rewards! Your characters’ Reputation tier is how you get higher quests. Those are listed below:

How quickly will you rise to the top? Are you prepared to be a King? Quests are live as of today and ready for you to conquer! A tutorial video and gameplay will be coming out on our YouTube soon. Make sure to subscribe and follow our other social media accounts to keep up with our latest updates!

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