NFT REVIEW GAMING Bridge your Ethereum based PlayDapp Town NFT to Polygon

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With this bridging feature, you can move PlayDapp Town NFT across networks and unlock their staking potential!

PlayDapp gamers, and especially PlayDapp Town NFT holders!

We are delighted to announce that our Ethereum to Polygon NFT Bridge is now live. Letting users move their SSR grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT across to Polygon.

This is promised utility from the original sale of our PlayDapp Town NFT, and means that t you can now move those ETH NFT into staking, or sell them to a wider player base on the Polygon Network. All of which is exciting and part of PlayDapp’s road to more utility and value for your NFT.

Please note when bridging you must have gas fees for both networks. As you are transferring across two networks you should make sure you have the required currency of both networks. In this case, ETH and Matic.

Transfering NFT from Ethereum Network to Polygon Network

Step 1. Log into the PlayDapp MarketPLAce, and navigate to your “My Account” Area

You’ll see that you now have “Send to Polygon” as an option, next to Sell Item.

Step 2. Select the PLAYDAPP TOWN category of NFT.

You’ll see that now only PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT are shown.

Click on the “Send to Polygon” button to begin the transfer process.

The button will “grey out” this is normal and indicates you can select the NFT you want to transfer.

Step 3. You’ll now be able to select the NFT you want to send to Polygon and the “Send to Polygon” button will now be re-enabled.

Click the “Send to Polygon” button to start the wizard for sending NFT.

Step 4. The Send wizard has two steps, step 1 shows you the NFT you will be sending and information about your free R grade NFT, for the first time you convert an NFT.

The wizard’s second step will show you a warning about the time it may take to transfer across chains. Please be aware it may take up to 3 days to move from Ethereum Network to Polygon.

If you are happy with this then click “Send to polygon”. This will trigger your connected wallet to start the NFT transfer.

Please follow your wallet’s instructions for authorizing the transfer.

Please be aware, that sending NFT will incur a gas fee, Ethereum network fees can be expensive. You should manage your gas fee to make sure you have a smooth service.

After you agree to the network fees the wizard will move to “completing the Transaction”.

After allowing time for the transaction to process, you’ll see the success screen. From here you can either, go back to your collection area or click the link to move to the Polygon Marketplace.

Receiving ETH transferred NFT on Polygon Network

To get your bridged NFT into the Polygon network, you must log in to the Polygon marketplace, with the same wallet address you bridged the NFT from.

Once logged in, navigate to the “My Collection” area, then click “Receive from ETH”

If your NFTs have not finished being sent to the Polygon Network you’ll receive an error message.

If your NFTs have finished being sent to the Polygon Network you’ll see the receiving wizard.

The wizard will tell you that there are NFT transferred from the ETH market. It will show you the “Receive from ETH” dialog box as below. In all cases, it shows Twinky, Mikey & Peppa as examples of SSR NFT.

Click on the “Receive” button to begin to claim your specific NFT.

The wizard will then process receiving the NFT and generate a popup message to confirm that it has been received.

Then your newly bridged NFT will be in your collection area, ready to be used in staking, sold, or held for more features coming soon.

Don’t forget, if it’s the first time that you have converted an NFT you’ll get a bonus R grade NFT for using the service just like above.

Please note it may take some time to see the new NFT reflected in your “My Collection” area due to network conditions.

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