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Co-founder and CEO of WECAN Nazar Chervinskyy visited a live show AMA yesterday. He answered questions that concerned the community. If you missed the broadcast, we have written the most considerable questions and answers.

If the project is already among the listed projects, it automatically entered into the updated staking model. If you ask about a new project, then there is a condition it has to be verified at AtomicHub. It ensures that the project has a published collection, community and is not a scam.

Yes, there will be at least one more land sale.

All these types of NFT are game assets. R-Planet is, first of all, a game. We are game developers, not an investment company. We can’t force people to buy R-Planet assets, even if they don’t plan to play the game. It is the choice of these people. From the beginning, we run sales with minimum prices. So they were affordable for players.

Thank you. It is an important question. A major update is scheduled for mid-February, and one of its main goals is to resolve the issue of oversupply of the Aether and provide it with new uses.

Necessary solutions will be implemented during this update. It makes no sense to describe a single step without showing a complete picture. This week, an article will be published about all the features and steps that will be realized as a part of a big update. Among other things, it will explain the next steps in scaling down the phase of the initial accumulation of Aether.

The RDAO sale will take place through two parallel auctions.

One of these auctions will be in the RDAO-Aether pair. There will be no restrictions on the number per person. You can read more about the distribution of RDAO in the article on the Big Update, which is being prepared for publication this week.

Thanks for the idea. It’s nice to know that there are people in the community who understand that the problem of Aether’s oversupply needs to be regulated.

We have already formed a system of anti-crisis solutions, and we have all reasons to believe that it will be effective. Your idea of staking NFT instead of Aether at the time of voting is noteworthy. We will keep it for the future.

When we reserved this amount for the team, we proceeded from the projected supply Aether and the projected price. Today, this amount of Aether costs 25,000 WAX. Do you think this is a lot for marketing any project in the field of blockchain and NFT? In my estimation, this will be enough to support some bright projects. Not to guarantee their participation in the top 21, but to support them.

As for the RDAO, it is in my opinion you compare incorrect numbers. Compare the part locked for the team to the total. It is 2.5 million to 10 million, which is only 1/4 of the total. Do you think the team that has been working on the project for several years should not reserve the right to 25% of the vote and profit?

Perhaps the community is confused because we did not specify how we distribute the other 5 million RDAO. We have several options, for example, distribution among auctioneers, sales, or auctions. We do not have a final decision yet, that is why we do not provide this information. But I can assure you that these tokens will not fall into the same hands and will not go to the team. They will be clearly and transparently distributed among the various shareholders. How? We will announce this later.

As for the claim that “fifty thousand for loyal players is not enough”. We doubled that reward to 100 000, and please remember that it is a gift. Devoted players will be able to participate in auctions and exchange their Aether for more RDAO.

There will be three full-fledged versions, one for Android, iOS, and web. Mobile versions are the first to be developed. The alpha version of the game will also be available for testing first on mobile platforms.

The player will not be able to enter minerals into the game. There will be regular sales of universal robots for minerals until the supply of minerals will be depleted. After the game starts, the Land NFTs will stop mining minerals outside the game forever. When the game starts, you will attach your Land NFTs to your base and the level of the attached Land will boost the mining of minerals in the game.

Hi! You can start playing without any NFT. But there are assets that will make victory much easier.

It is good to have the most upgraded NFT Land of various minerals. Because everything on the base, including robots, is made of minerals. Therefore, the greater your mining capacity of minerals, the faster you will be able to build up the base and the army.

You can upgrade the land by burning FT elements. If you need quick help, it will be good to have packs with universal robots. And later it would be good to have a hero. He will provide many benefits, although again, you can play without him.

You will be able to play without investing anything. When you register in the game, you are provided with a base. This base immediately begins to mine a minimum amount of resources. It’s up to you how to dispose of them. NFT assets, such as lands, robots, heroes, etc., give you some benefits. However, you can play without them.

My team and I are doing our best to develop the best blockchain project. We believe in it. And what will be or will not be hype is a secondary question. We should not repeat after other projects. We also know how to hype in R-Planet style! With the help of our fantastic community, I believe WECAN do anything!

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