NFT REVIEW Game of Thrones NFTs Sell Out Despite Ridicule

Despite the official Game of Thrones NFT launch selling out within 7 hours on Nifty’s, the collection’s art quality has come under fire. Many users on Twitter have criticised the art, with several of the avatars having what some described as “claw-like hands”.

Read on to find out how these flaws could be compared to the unpopular final season of the Game of Thrones TV show.

Game of Thrones ‘Build Your Realm’ Collection

The initial success of the collection has been attributed to its loyal fanbase, who purchased the NFTs to own a piece of the iconic show.

The ‘Build Your Realm’ collection, developed by Daz 3D, launched on the Palm blockchain as part of a limited-edition series. ‘Hero Boxes’, which cost $150 each (~0.11 ETH), include one Hero Avatar, three Story Cards, and nine Resource Cards.

Game of Thrones: North Series Avatars

The avatars, which are the primary elements of the Game of Thrones NFTs, come in two versions: Heroes and Villains. The Heroes are characters from Game of Thrones and the Villains are, well, their enemies.

Seems straightforward, however, the launch has been the subject of much ridicule. Twitter users expressed their dissatisfaction with both the technical aspects of the mint and the hilarity (or lack thereof) of the avatars.

Issues with the launch and the NFTs themselves

The Game of Thrones NFTs saw long delays when it came to minting. Reports have surfaced of users having to wait for hours on end to complete the minting process.

One of the most common concerns that arise in relation to the launch of NFT collections is its minting process. Although the process has improved over time, there are often still delays in token delivery.

However, the more notable criticism about the project does not relate to the minting process, but rather to its visual elements. Some Game of Thrones avatars feature surreal hands which received some comical critique from the NFT community.

Another user, Justin Taylor, wrote: “This Game of Thrones NFT collection is just like the last season of the show – No creative vision and terrible.”

Despite the initial issues with the launch of the collection, many fans were excited to be part of this piece of entertainment history.

The wave of hype surrounding the collection has continued to grow since its launch. What’s more, some believe that owning this NFT could be a valuable investment in the future.

Furthermore, some experts suggest that criticism of the collection will serve to drive more attention and demand. Could these NFTs be a lucrative investment in the long run?

Final Thoughts

It’s been a tough few months for digital collectibles but this collection has stirred up the community with enthusiasm.

That said, it seems the Game of Thrones NFTs are the new TV series — filled with anticipation, disappointment, and delays. Everyone is waiting for the dragons to fly, but they just seem to be stuck in the mud!

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