NFT REVIEW Esports Giant TSM Joins Avalanche

The global esports company is moving into Web3, and will leverage Avalanche blockchain to revolutionize the gaming industry. 

Esports gaming leader TSM is launching its brand on the blockchain. In fact, TSM’s competitive gaming platform Blitz will create a dedicated ‘Blitz Subnet’ on the Avalanche blockchain. Consequently, TSM will host branded tournaments on the blockchain, helping players to compete, learn, and improve their skills in esports

“I am excited to partner with Avalanche on experiences that will add value to our users and fans,” said Andy Dinh, founder and CEO of TSM and Blitz. “They are an authentic leader in this space, and together we share a long-term vision of building products that are authentic and beneficial to our community.”

According to the statement, TSM and Blitz will also use Core to power all user payments and to store, sell, and purchase digital assets.

Avalanche rising

Avalanche is becoming a major force in the world of Web3 gaming. Indeed, Avalanche positions itself as a blockchain built for developers, who can utilize the blockchain’s sub-networks or ‘subnets’. Essentially, subnets are custom blockchains designed by Avalanche to maximise speed, security, and scalability.  

John Wu is the President at Ava Labs, the developers behind Avalanche.

Wu said: “Partnering with TSM brings truly innovative gaming experiences to players around the world. Avalanche’s fully customizable subnets were created to help organizations push the boundaries of what is possible for gaming with sub-second transaction speed, scalability, and security for millions of users.”

Credit Blitz Gaming Platform

Significant partnership

As one of the largest esports organisations, TSM represents a major coup for Avalanche. Currently, TSM commands a reach of over 30 million gamers in its ecosystem, and is renowned for its ‘League of Legends (LoL) professional team. Meanwhile, Blitz provides in-game tutorials for LoL and also AAA game like ‘Valorant’ and ‘Apex Legends’. 

Hence, this partnership opens up a new world of possibility. Millions of TSM gaming fanatics will have the opportunity to onboard into Web3 gaming. 

Indeed, this could prove to be a major moment for the mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming. 


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