NFT REVIEW Bitski and Tezos Power Red Bull’s First-Ever NFT Drop at Miami Grand Prix 2022

NFT wallet provider Bitski has combined with the Tezos blockchain to launch Red Bull’s debut NFT collection ‘Red Bull Guest House Keys’.

The NFT collection will unlock special access and benefits to guests staying at and attending, the Red Bull Guest House Miami 2022.

As the inaugural Miami Grand Prix approaches on Sunday, all attendees and guests at the RBGH will receive ‘the keys’, which will serve as a digital memento of the special event.

What is more, holders of ‘the keys’ will gain entry to secret rooms in the RBGH and more surprises will await them, depending on which key they hold.

Bitski and Tezos

The NFTs will be minted on the energy-efficient blockchain Tezos, supported by the Bitski wallet, which builds NFT storefronts for brands and creators.

The Red Bull Guest House Keys “incorporate elements of prestige and luxury to envision a new golden era of racing lifestyle.”

In total there will be four keys, the Golden Key, the Friday Key, the Saturday Key and the Sunday Key.

The Golden Key, inspired by motorsports heritage, will unlock an all-access pass to RBGH Friday to Sunday, with access to a private bar.

The Friday Key features elements inspired by Miami’s Latin music heritage, and the work of Columbian/Israeli visual artist Orly Anan.

The Saturday Key features elements inspired by the intersection of electronic music and car culture.

Finally, the Sunday Key is inspired by the immersive futuristic disco dance experience.

The Friday, Saturday and Sunday Keys will grant all holders an all-access, one-day pass to the RBGH on this historic weekend.

Tezos blockchain has become renowned for its sporting affiliations, working with the likes of Manchester United, McLaren Racing, Decathlon and last year at the Mexico Grand Prix, Oracle Red Bull Racing team.

They will collaborate with San Francisco-based startup Bitski, which builds NFT and developer tools that “make it easy for anyone to build and explore the metaverse”.

As the big race approaches, Bitski and Tezos have revved their engines and it’s all systems go for the launch of this unique NFT collection, Red Bull Guest House Keys, which affords both digital and real-life benefits to the lucky holders.

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