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Wombat Dungeon Master, developed by Spielworks, is all set to release Season 2, where the players can mine unique material that will create brand new NFTs by sending their Wombats underground. 

What will Season 2 bring to Wombat Dungeon Master?

Spielworks, a Berlin bases blockchain gaming startup specializing in De-Fi and blockchain gaming, announced on March 30 the release of Season 2 for their play-to-earn game Wombat Dungeon Master. 

With the release of Season 2, the players will be able to equip new types of items to their Wombats. By doing so, the players will be able to blend their duplicate and alike NFTs that’ll give them better quality items. In addition to this, the players will be able to mine materials that’ll be used to get them more NFTs in the game. 

Wombat Dungeon Master

Wombat Dungeon Master is a multi-chain NFT staking game where players can send Wombats on treasure hunts by staking their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game. When the Wombats are on a treasure hunt, they gain XP (experience points) and other rewards.

They added an equipment management system and inventory to the game mechanics in Season One. 

What’s new in Season 2?

To know what’s new in Season 2, let’s hop right in. 

NFT Blending

The player can now combine or “blend” their duplicate NFTs to make a new, more powerful item in the game that’s an entirely different type. (Do note that you’ll need a few Wombatium to pull this off)

Mining Materials

When the Wombats are on a treasure hunt, they’ll now be able to mine new and valuable materials such as coal, iron, and uranium. Previously, they could only earn XP. 

New Item Types in the game

The players now have an option to increase the Wombats’ mining power by equipping them with all new item types such as Amulets and Goggles. 

Wombatium (A brand new Element)

With the mining of iron, coal, and uranium, the players can now trade these minerals in exchange for Wombatium. Wombatium is a new, special element used to create new NFTs in the game.

Spielworks CEO says that the franchise plans to launch more new and cool features to the game soon. With new ways to earn NFTs in the game, CEO Spielworks says that the in-game economy will increase and bring more players to the game. 

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