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The new update for Vulcan Runner is now available to download from the official Discord Server.

To play Vulcan Runner, you would need a Vulcan Forged account which you can register for free.

In the Vulcan Runner V.3 update, the following features will be added to the game. 

  1. Special Items
  2. Leaderboards
  3. New Paths
  4. New and Improved UI
  5. Brand new Obstacles
  6. New Camera Angles
  7. My Forge will be linked ($LAVA and XP will integrate)

Last week, Vulcan Forged announced new Features for My Forged.

Vulcan Runner

Vulcan Runner is a Subway Surfers Style play-to-earn runner game where players run for as long as possible while collecting coins and tackling obstacles. 

If a player hits an obstacle, he will immediately lose. The characters ‘ skill set will increase as you progress through the game while collecting more coins and receiving more rewards. 

Each run in Vulcan Runner costs 1 $LAVA.

In the future, the game will also feature in-game assets such as NFTs that will come with a ton of perks.

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The game uses a heavy burn mechanism, meaning that 50% of the tokens will be burned, making the token scarce. 

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a gaming studio that features tons of blockchain-based games, a hot NFT marketplace, and a suite of services, including a minting portal. 

Vulcan Forged uses a dual-token economy where they use $PYR and $LAVA as tokens of transaction. 


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