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The new Limited-Time event update, Summer Vibes, is live now in Thetan Arena. The update brings along a new map and a new hero along with new cosmetics, activities, and mechanics for a short amount of time. 

Fusion Mechanic

Fusion has been one of the most awaited features of the game. As we know that when a hero reaches the end of the life-cycle (gTHC Battles) and can no more earn in the game, the Fusion Mechanism will now kick in and help create a new Hero who will have a higher value. 

Also, You can get Velvet at a 30% Discount on CODASHOP. 

More details about Fusion are yet to be made public. 

A New Hero

According to Thetan Arena, a new Hero will make his bones in the game. Although the new hero is very talked about, the studio has not released much information about this new character. 

However, the new hero will “turn the tide in every battle”, which is exciting. 

Summer Themed Skins

As the Summer Vibes update goes live, get ready to see these 3 skins everywhere to remind you of summer and its vibrant colors. 

  • Lifeguard El Dragon
  • Ghost Captain Meiko
  • Boombi Shark Culien

Treasure Island – A New Summer-Themed Map

Trease Island is the new map coming to Thetan Arena as the Summer Vibes update goes live. This new map will be summer-themed as the devs are saying that it’s not only for battle. The players can also enjoy the mesmerizing scenery as they wander through the map. 

Battle Royale will also take place on this map – this is the first time Battle Royale will take place on another map. 

Daily Quests

The new Summer Vibes update will bring along new daily quests allowing players to have more opportunities to play and earn rewards. These rewards can be used to purchase upgrading elements that can level them up in the game. 

As the Summer Vibes update is live, the developers have made some changes to the marketplace so that some of the most talked about bugs are fixed. 


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