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The Splinterlands (SPS) Validator Node Pre-Sale was sold-out as expected within 11 minutes, for a total cost of $4 Million. For the first stage of the sale, over 2000 node licenses were sold which resulted in a burn of 14.5 million SPS and 1 million vouchers, with 3.6 million SPS being added to the DAO.

Node operators will earn a portion of the 3,750,000 SPS per month where a 10% is reserved for the top 100 node operators.

80% of the SPS used in the sales will be burned while the rest 20% will go to the DAO.

Depending on the amount of SPS staked, every validator account will be assigned a block – they can vote as well. The best part about all this is that every other validator can check and validate transactions on the blocks as the hash of data will be published to the Hive blockchain. 

When any transaction is confirmed and validated, the validator will get a reward in the SPS token. As you stake more SPS tokens, more blocks will be assigned to you, potentially more rewards.

For ten months in a row, Splinterlands is the most playable game best on on-chain analytics data. Furthermore, it’s the oldest and most longstanding trading card game, known for its fast-paced gameplay.

Recently, Splinterlands accomplished 2,33M card rentals!

These burn mechanics will put tremendous deflationary pressure on SPS, which will be quite revolutionary of a concept to the blockchain gaming vertical. Splinterlands has been built with the community in mind above all else. The engagement that we have seen by [the community] has been tremendous and we can’t wait for them to have a heavy hand in the project going forward as we move towards being truly decentralized.” 

Liam Labistour, the Director of Growth for Splinterlands

The company is confident that it will reach a $3 Billion market cap in the next 5 years or so. 

The next node license sale will feature 3000 nodes for $3,000 each. To learn more about the nodes and how they work visit this link.

Play Splinterlands.


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