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Sorare has finally released the full version of its iOS Mobile Application. Now, fantasy football players will be able to do so much in the game. From composing lineups and tracking teams, the players will be able to do it all!

Image source: Sorare

Back in March, the beta version of the mobile app was released, which lacked some excellent features, but the developers were cooking something delicious.

What’s New?

As the complete version of the Sorare iOS app is available on the App Store, the new app will now let the players the following actions.

  1. Set Your Lineups

Thanks to the “Tournaments” tab, the app will let you join competitions directly from the app. This was not possible before. 

Image source: Sorare

You can now see the “My Teams” tab in the Sorare iOS App. The tab will let you edit, view, and manage your teams. 

  1. Track the Actions

The App will come with a new feature that lets you track the progress of your teams for each Game Week. You can also see how your team performs in the tournaments by seeing its ranking. 

Image source: Sorare

Along with your team’s performance, you can also see how each of the players in your team is performing by seeing his detailed stats. You can also share and showcase your skills on social media platforms. Thanks to its responsive and intelligent design, All these features are available on the home screen.

  1. Live Updates

The new app notifies you when there’s a significant event in the Sorare universe. Thanks to its customization options, you can also choose what type of notifications you want to receive. 

Image source: Sorare

You can set to receive a notification when a particular player scores a goal. 

  1. Claim Rewards

You can claim your hard-earned awards right from the iOS app for the first time. If you’ve won a daily or weekly reward, you’ll be notified, claiming that reward directly from the app. 

Download the Sorare iOS APP HERE

If you’re an Android user and wondering when the Android app will come, don’t worry, as the developers are working day and night for that. According to Sorare, the Android Beta version is currently in development and will roll out in the next few months. So, Stay Tuned!

Register for a Sorare account here.

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