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Italian Footballing giant AC Milan has made an exclusive partnership with Sorare to bring NFT- powered fantasy footballing revelry to the Serie A club.

Thanks to this multi-year partnership, AC Milan start will now see themselves playing on the Web3 field as fans can trade, collect, and compete with others using the players’ NFTs. They can use the official merchandise with the Sorare ecosystem. The partnership will introduce footballing fans to the world of digital non-fungibles. 

AC Milan and Sorare will keep pushing to bring more and more advanced features and tech, levering the power of blockchain to engage with their fans. Additionally, Sorare will allow fans who follow the team to own a clip or earn some crypto based on players’ performance throughout the season. 

Italian Football and Serie A aren’t new to the concept of Web3 and blockchain technology being integrated into the sport. Last week, Italian premier division Serie A struck a partnership with Onefootball to bring NFTs to the football audience. 

“We’re building a gaming experience fueled by passion where fans can connect with football and a global community. On Sorare, they can truly own the game. We’re proud to partner with the legendary AC Milan to help them connect with fans globally through the future of football collectibles,” stated Michael Meltzer, Head of Business Development of Sorare.

“We are delighted to welcome Sorare into our exclusive family of Premium Partners. Today marks the beginning of a new journey with an exciting and young brand that is at the forefront of the NFT revolution, and that has been able to merge digital collectibles and fantasy sports. As an innovative Club, this is a sector that we are exploring with a clear strategy in mind, with the goal to offer our over 500 million fans across the globe exciting additional ways to engage with their Club. That is why we are pleased to partner with Sorare and introduce their digital collectibles to our fanbase,” stated Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of AC Milan.

AC Milan 

AC Milan is an Italian Footballing giant – they plan in the country’s premier division, and the fans love them. Their favorite rivals are Internazionale Milan (Inter Milan) – their derby is a sight to behold. The club was established in 1899 and has 7 UCL titles. 


Sorare is a blockchain-based football fantasy game where players can buy, sell, manage, and trade virtual football teams’ digital collectible cards. Developed in 2018, Sorare used the Ethereum blockchain. 

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