Crypto Sport Gaming News Crypto Sport Gaming News Mark Cuban Backs a New Metaverse Called Oorbit

Metaverse tech startup Oorbit has raised $5M in a seed round from Mark Cuban investor and entrepreneur, Web3 venture Pixelynx and HOF Capital in order to create a metaverse with no barriers.

Oorbit platform, famous for its high-quality interactive media experiences, events, games, marketplaces, and metaverse content, wants to create a metaverse experience that doesn’t require installations, downloads, or a sign-up process to access the virtual world.

“Oorbit is demystifying the major technologies that will play the biggest role in the growth of Web3 and the metaverse; blockchain, cloud streaming, NFTs, fintech and more. We are combining the best parts of these complex technologies to enable episodic entertainment that is not just incredible but also approachable, for all audiences. This round of funding will support growth and platform expansion.”

Ash Koosha, CEO and Oorbit Co-Founder.

Oorbit metaverse will be designed to connect all the metaverses making it a unique choice among other projects, planned to launch at the end of the year.

As the metaverse moves from our imaginations into actual entertainment, experiences and products, Oorbit’s founders have created an innovative platform where developers, publishers and brands can create and more easily deliver their most compelling work. Best of all, and core to their plan, Oorbit has put the user at the center of their technology so they enable games and even worlds that will delight all comers, and blaze a path for metaverse growth overall.”

Mark Cuban

Visit Oorbit metaverse website.

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