Crypto Sport Gaming News Crypto Sport Gaming News Magic Eden, Solana NFT Marketplace, to Accept Payments in AURY and DUST for NFT Purchases 

On March 31, Magic Eden tweeted “brb integrating $DUST”, from which we knew that $DUST was coming as a medium of exchange on Solana’s Leading NFT Marketplace. 

On April 1, they tweeted “$AURY”, which again gave us an idea of what’s coming ahead. 

Amid the integration of $AURY and $DUST, Magic Eden users will now be able to use these tokens to buy NFTs on this NFT marketplace. 

$DUST is a native token of DeGods, while Aurory P2E Game has $AURY as their native token. Now, Magic Eden users will be able to buy NFTs on the marketplace using these tokens that belong to the top Solana NFT projects on Magic Eden. 

Aurory and DeGods are the first NFT projects to integrate their tokens with Magic Eden.

The head of marketing and content at Magic Eden, Tiffany Huang, saw this as an opportunity to integrate the tokens of top NFT projects. “We didn’t see any other marketplace doing this, so we thought it was a huge opportunity,” said Tiffany.  

She also said that the tokens could be used to buy any of the listed Solana NFTs on the marketplace. The new integrated tokens can be used just like Solana ($SOL) to buy any listed NFTs on Magic Eden. 

More Integrated Tokens to Come

According to Tiffany Huang, Magic Eden is in contact with other Solana “Blue Chip” NFT creators to integrate their native tokens with Magic Eden. As of now, Tiffany said, only AURY and DUST will be integrated into the platform. 

Magic Eden plans to implement the integration within weeks. 

More About DeGods ($DUST) and Aurory ($AURY)

Over the past week, DeGods has been the most successful NFT project on Magic Edens, generating more trading volume than any other NFT collection on the marketplace. 

In the last week, 49,000 $SOL worth of NFTs has been traded, around $6.49M. The cheapest available NFT of DeGods’ collection is currently worth 90 $SOL ($11,900). 

The secret to DeGods’ inevitable success is that DeGods NFT holders can earn $DUST by staking their digital assets (i.e., NFTs). 

If we were to talk about Aurory, their cheapest NFT is listed at 35 $SOL ($4600). On the Solana Network, Aurory caught the collectors’ attention last fall when they launched a profile picture NFT project that’s part of an upcoming metaverse game, where they plan to expand their horizons. 

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