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After the support ends for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft will bring Tezos NFTs to other future projects. 

Recently, Ubisoft released in-game NFTs that received backlash from the gaming community. Upon the sizable backlash, Ubisoft has decided to cease the NFT project as the support for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint ends. 

Released in October 2019, the first-person shooter game had Tezos-based NFTs that the players could buy and trade via Ubisoft Quartz. 

Support Ends for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

According to Ubisoft, apart from NFTs, no kind of additional content will be released for the game in the future. 

According to Ubisoft Quartz, the final NFT was released on March 17.

Ghost Recon NFT sales failed hard.

According to the legendary crypto gaming journalist, Jon Jordan, Ghost Recon NFT trades for Q1 2022 were only 48 worth $2,348. That’s a very low amount. Considering the use-case of the NFTs and the requirements to actually get one, nothing was in favor for Ubisoft’s NFT initiative.

Fun Fact: Ubisoft is the first Major AAA gaming company to launch in-game items as NFTs. They earned this title in December when they released in-game items such as armors and guns as ownable digital assets (i.e., NFTs)

Despite receiving backlash upon launching in-game NFTs from gamers, Ubisoft gifted NFTs to its employees and plans to continue the Quartz initiative for future releases. Although there haven’t been any forthcoming titles announced or teased by Ubisoft, the website still states, “future drops coming with other games”

But Why the Backlash?

Some of the players complained that the NFTs were of no use. They said that the NFTs are no different from in-game items. 

Even though Tezos is more energy-efficient than the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the fans accused the blockchain of harming the environment. (Some they that they were criticizing Crypto and Blockchain in general)

Looking at the bigger picture, the frenzy and gold-rush created by the celebrities selling worthless NFT tokens have created the perception that NFTs are just a cash-grab. The majority of the gamers are not familiar with the non-fungible token technology and blockchain in general with tons of hate against them.

Truth is, gamers need more education on the NFT space and it will take some years for NFTs to get adopted worldwide by the gaming industry, which is already doing huge moves towards adoption.

Ubisoft & Blockchain: Not A New Relationship

Ubisoft is not new in the blockchain and NFTs game. In 2018, they developed a prototype Minecraft-like game called HashCraft. 

Recently, Quartz released some small-scale NFT gaming projects named One Shot League and Rabbids Token. 

Rabbits Token was a dapp where all proceeds when to charity. Ubisoft also with it’s entreprener labs program has gained valuable knowledge from blockchain gaming companies that have joined over the years.

Last fall, Ubisoft invested $12M in Animoca Brands

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