Crypto Sport Gaming News Crypto Sport Gaming News Gangs, Guns & Metaverse: SinVerse Business License Sale to Take Place on April 10th

The Business Licence Office is opening in SinVerse Metaverse and users can acquire them to establish legal, or illegal businesses.

On April 10, 2022, the Business License Office will start operating in the districts of ChinaTown, Red Light District, and The Strip.


SinVerse is a GTA-style play-to-earn metaverse game where the players can undertake several activities in the game environment. The SinVerse is also an R-Rated Metaverse where players can own land and operate a business in the ecosystem. 

You can operate a business in SinVerse if you own land. But before you start a business, you’ll need a Business license for that. This is where the Business License Office comes into play; that will be operable on April 10.

If you own either an exclusive or premium business license, you’ll be able to create a business and generate passive income for yourself in the metaverse and real life. 

From opening a casino to having a virtual pet shop, you can do this all in SinVerse as long as you have a business license. 

You can also form gangs and sell drugs if you wanna be wildin’ in the SinVerse. 

What if you want to do Nothing?

If you don’t want to open or operate a business in SinVerse, you can lease the land you own via meta agreement mechanics and make money out of it. Let someone else start a business on your land and earn while sitting idle. 

Other than that, you can also do real estate. Buy land and put it on auction at a higher price.

Please note that many plots of land have already been sold in the SinVerse. 

When Can you Buy a Business License?

After the sale goes live on April 10, the business licenses will be available for the public to buy. 

Please note that some business licenses were already sold in the whitelist sale on February 17, 2022. 

If your wallet has been listed on the whitelist, you’ll have 48 hours to mind the licenses; otherwise, the remaining licenses will be made available for the public to purchase. 

If the License owners want to sell or trade their business licenses, they can do so by heading to the SinVerse License Office Marketplace. 

How much are these licenses?

On the whitelist, the Exclusive license costs 4000 SIN while the premium license costs 3000 SIN. 

The public sale price of exclusive licenses is 5000 SIN while the premium licenses are listed at 4000 SIN. 

At the time of writting, 1 SIN token costs $0.056.

How many Licenses are available for each district?

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