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Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of Dead or Alive and former Team Ninja head, is making an NFT game – the game is called Warrior and is an NFT MMORPG. 

Itagaki launched a new studio called Apex Game Studio and now creating this new NFT game that’ll focus on Web3 technology and will have AAA graphics. 

So far, we only know the title and MMO mechanism of the game. Furthermore, the game will have NFTs in the form of “Mob Servants” that summon into battle. Using cryptocurrency, you can trade, sell, and level them up. 

Itagaki is well known for his contributions and work for Tecmo-koei development studio and Team Ninja. (he created Dead or Alive at Team Ninja)

He also revived the Ninja Gaiden franchise. After that, he developed Devil’s Third for The Wii in 2015 – it was highly criticized and a financial disaster. 

Itagaki hasn’t been seen working on any other project – The Warrior is the latest NFT game he’s working on since then.

When he made the announcement, he received a huge backlash from the internet some even called him a clown and washed up. 

Let’s see some tweets that show what Twitter thinks about this announcement:

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